SMC at the marriott

I had the @SMC game a solid win until Childs messed his shooting finger up. Still should of beat them at their place. This is a typical SMC team
1 Bennett never leaves Moraga, Ca in the pre season.
2 Bennett plays soft competition, builds up wins then loses on the road to teams with average records.
3 Bennett is going to run into the best BYU team since the Jimmer years.

Keys to the win
1 Barcello guards Ford, Check!
2 Fitts gets Nixon, Lee and Childs, Check!
3 Don’t let the rest of the team have open 3s, Check!

No One can guard Childs, Check!
BYU wins

If the defense was better than average, and last year’s record had been any good. Childs and Toolson would be on the All-American lists.
Though I am puzzled that Toolson, an Honorable Mention All-American, last year hasn’t gotten more accolades this year.

As TJ Haws delivered the big 3 win and his wife going to deliver the baby tonight. That would be something to remember forever for the Haws family. We will take the win thank goodness!

Great win. Was very happy when Fitts fouled out. This team is so mentally tough. Haws was stone cold clutch. Now we are back in a better place

Never quit team! Huge win! Good shooting average. Low turnovers. Few free throws but 5-6.

got a kick out of that one. This was a weird win. Toolson turns his ankle, Childs seemed to sit more then play. Haws came up clutch and yes, Fitts would of won it if Crafty Haws had not jump pumped Fitts into fouling out. Hats off to Bennett, he had a great game plan. What I wouldn’t do for one more big man that can actually jump.
It is hard to believe that BYU won with Childs getting 3 rebs and Lee only getting O rebs. Team effort. Now BYU is back in the driver’s seat for 2nd.

Childs has 1 offensive rebound and 2 defensive rebounds

You have to hand it to Bennett, the guy really irks me, but SMC showed no sign of nerves or intimidation. BYU won this game on effort and Haws clutch shooting. Don’t leave out Seljaas and Harding and Barcello-actually every one contributed to this win

That block by Seljaas was so close to being a foul. His hand was close to the shooter. We have lost the ability to block out. Too much looking up at the ball.
Game was close like everyone predicted.

Defense is not as consistent as it has been, but Fitts was making a lot of shots with a hand in his face. Remarkable game on his part

Seems like every team has a Fitts when we play them.

I was happy on his 5th foul

Especially when Childs has tonsit so much. Great reaction on Seljaas block.

best memories from the game, all at the end:

Haws sinks long three
Seljaas blocks and follows
Pope greets Dave Rose in his celebration, momentary but the heart of BYU basketball.

I had a dream that TJ was broken down on the highway and I picked him up. He had a quad injury. I called Pope to get the trainers ready, Made TJ call his wife and then I pumped him for al the info on the team on the way home. HAHAHAHAHA, Got to get a life!

They were saying on Talkin Sports that Tj’s wife was getting induced (baby) Sat night late. Probably a proud dad of a little boy by now. It would give him 3 days to enjoy the new one, then get ready for a road game @Portland.

Two teams have had guys drill every shot. FLUKE. SF guards and now Fitts. FLUKE. no one could of stopped that from happening but I will say that Fitts took advantage of Lee guarding him…I would take advantage of Lee guarding me, just sayin. Once Pope made the adjustment and had Childs guard him, dangerous because of Child’s fouls but problem solved. TJ made sure Fitts fouled out with a vet. move.

How many times has Toolson gone off on other teams and blown the game right open?

I agree that our defense is down ( we were in the #50, fallin to # 98) but our offense has gone from #24 to #1 in efficiency. We are certainly the albatross in the room. We are among the worst in the nation at getting to the FT but the best at making shots per 100 posessions (efficiency) in the entire nation. We also are in the top 2 at not only shooting 3s but % at 42.7.
It will be interesting to see how BYU finishes out the WCC and then WCC tourney play and where they land.

If BYU gets a tall athletic team to start the big dance, it would be very bad.

Well a tall athletic team that can’t shoot-maybe we survive, but I remember Kansas and they had a party at the rim-of course no Child’s either. I’m just hoping we win out.SMC is capable of beating Gonzaga at home next week-personally I hope the Zags waste them, but I’m not a Gaels or Bennett fan but I respect them for how they play and are coached

It seems BYU generally gets a bad match-up whenever they are seeded anywhere from 6-12. I think the tournament committee views BYU as a scheduling pain due to the no Sunday play and they would just as soon see BYU out early.

ditto, Bennett squishes everything out of a possession. He must be a weird dude because he never gets US players to come, everyone is from Down Under. Must love Vegemite?

I was looking today at possible matchups, Arizona would be a nightmare for us. I am counting on BYU winning out to the Zags game, @ Pepperdine is a trap game. Get the 2 seed and hope for a win and take on the Zags in the final…get a 7 seed.

I would rather Pope’s boys beat the zags in vegas than any other game. Selection Sunday would finally be about seed.