SMC game is going on

Well, how many layups have we missed? And 7-11 free throws. While all of a sudden they heat up with 3’s.
Teams are figuring out how to play Childs and we need an offense that can open people up. But, we have to make layups and free throws.

I told you that would happen and it has. This team is in serious trouble.

Jim, see my other post. I think you will agree with most of it. Rose has taken us from final 4 material with Jimmer to total dumpster fire level of play. So proud of Holmoe for extending Rose’s contract…wow…

Then again, in the 2nd half, he went to work and scored at will. I still want to know why Hardnett sat tonight. No one could play defense today. Slow and sluggish. Emery was the only one to stay in front of their man.

and he only did that about half the time. His man scored plenty of times on drives to the basket.

And, against the talent of that person, Ford, half the time is good. What we totally lacked was helpside and recover.

Here you go again with the excuses. This was supposed to be a rebuilding year for St. Mary’s as most of their players from last year have moved on. BYU is supposed to have the experience this year to be competitive and they are a long way from it.

Will you ever acknowledge a problem when it is so obvious?