So, Gonzaga beats #16 Arizona and

According to Jim they are just an average team? Really :slight_smile: BYU must be a great NCAA championship contender!

In years past… I said nothing about Gonzaga this year.

They are 8-0 and ranked #8… or did you miss that?

I’d like to elaborate on your comment about Gonzaga being an average team. Once again, just to clarify, I said nothing to that effect about this years’ team. They have been average in past years, years when BYU beat them (except when something was on the line, like a league title or wcc tourney title).

What I saw in the game vs. Arizona was a Gonzaga team that looked very athletic and well coached. Yes, I agree that Mark Few is a good coach. I have always agreed with that. I still think Gonzaga gets plenty of love from officials in the wcc but they have earned the favoritism by lining the pockets and giving notoriety to the Weak Coast Conference.

So after the game I walked over to a railing and was leaning up against it waiting for BYU to come out and do their warmups, wearing my “Y” baseball cap. A half drunk Gonzaga fan comes over and proceeds to tell me that God loves Catholics more than Mormons because Gonzaga just beat BYU. I said “no, you just beat Arizona” and he says “well, he still loves catholics more than mormons and BYU/mormons are losers”. I replied “Okay, thanks for the info.” but he continued to heckle me as there were several Gonzaga fans sitting and standing near him so he was safe. I told him my mormon kid goes to a catholic prep school. He replied “well it’s a good thing he is going while he’s young because mormons are losers” and then I said “my mormon brother-in-law graduated from Gonzaga law school.” He replied “well it’s a good thing he did because God loves catholics more than mormons”.

So do I take this clown as a representative of Gonzaga fan? No, I don’t but there were some pretty drunk peeps wearing Gonzaga gear. At some point after the game, several of them were chanting “G-O-N-Z-A-G-A, go Gonzaga” and my drunk buddy could barely get the letters right.

The only thing that made me feel better was that I lived in SoCal and he had to go back to Spokane… have fun with that one.

Well, we know for anyone to be a Gonzaga fan they would have to be drunk :wink: you should have asked him what is the second greatest commandment :slight_smile:

I hate hecklers!!:skull_crossbones: I went to the MWC tournament back when Jimmer was a senior. I was sitting in a section with some other BYU fans and the guy selling peanuts came to our section and started heckling us about what whiny fans we were (he was a UNLV fan). We just sat there and ignored him as he went on and on. He finally was satisfied with himself and left. We didn’t buy any peanuts (sure showed him!). I couldn’t come up with any good zingers to fire back so I sat there like a lump on a log and thought to myself, “this is the exact reason why I would rather watch the game on TV…so I don’t have to get abused by idot fans.” I have since thought of a lot of good comebacks like: “Typical UNLV fan whining about the whiny BYU fans” or “Are you here to sell whine with those peanuts?” or “Its good to see you peanut guys getting some use out of your UNLV diploma!” I could have said some mean things that I would have regretted later. I probably handled it the way I should have.

If you feel a need for some good comebacks, just use them on grasshopper as he provides plenty of opportunities with his inane remarks. :tired_face:

“Mika is a 6’10” white guy who doesn’t jump out of the gym".

Reality check grasshopper… Mika is one of the most athletic 6’10" white guys you will see in college basketball this year. I saw several in the first game and none of them exhibit the athleticism and ability to “jump out of the gym” like Mika does. :laughing:

Compared to the athletic black athletes he’s stuck to the floor :angry:

Actually no, he isn’t. Once again did you watch the game? He had as good or better hops than any of USC’s players. Sorry, time for a reality check. You are way off on this one.

Yesterday game stats.
------------ MIN FG FT REB O D PTS
BYU Mika 28 10-16 10-16 9 4 5 29
USC C. Metu 31 4-9 4-4 6 2 4 12
USC McLauflin 38 8-12 7-9 6 0 6 24
USC Stewart 34 6-16 2-4 5 3 2 16
USC S. Aaron 27 6-16 3-4 5 3 2 19

Doesn’t look like Eric Mika stuck on the floor and need more minutes. But wow, if we had other three of our bigs to matched those SC players would help. NBA going to have to wait. Our two LP Guards need to hit their 3’s would help too. Also, why are we not seeing those bench to play more to rest those LP guards?

Oh well keep on trying Cougars

College players. Not NBA. He’s got a long way to go for that. That stupid fall down (errr…back) shot has to go.

Dew, I agree with you on Mika. He is the real deal with a little work to do on extending his range and correctly passing out of a double team. But, he is good and willl get even better. And he can jump!

I am beyond bothered that coaches won’t play other guards to give Haw and Emery rest. Particularly, Beo. He should be spelling Haws regularly and/or playing in front of him.

Hawks you should not have even responded to that comment. Mika is a supreme, ELITE athlete, in every way (strength, agility, speed, leaping, coordination, etc), AND about 99% of anyone who has seen him play knows it.

I know, but if you watched football games with grasshopper every week you would probably feel compelled to respond as well. :laughing:

Well it can’t be dull anyway