So here we are again

BYU has firmly cemented itself as a mid-tier G5 program. Where is the offense?

The defense will be what it is. We will win these games with a potent offense. One that not only can move the ball in the middle of the field but can score inside the 30 yard line with touchdowns. Obviously, we don’t have an accurate field goal kicker yet. He barely got the one in Tennessee.

Now, we are without our starting backfield. Both could have been avoided if we had an offense that can score with good play calling.

Quote: " Where is the offense? "

In part, John, the offense is gone due to our Running back injury in the Washington Game. More recently, our offense is gone due to the injured thumb on the throwing hand of our QB, ZACK WILLIAMS,
when he threw the pick that lead to the loss of our cougars in the Toledo game. HE INJURED HIS THUMB.

I say in part, because all teams suffer injuries. That is part of the equation in predicting a win/loss season.

So where do we go from here. Do we go for it, or do we punt.