So the Big 12 expansion rumors are heating up again. Probably just

A lot of off season hot air. Today, Jake Trotter of ESPN mentioned that during discussions four years ago that someone in BYU’s delegation rubbed the Big 12 the wrong way. He also mentioned that some hard feelings still linger. If you were Tom Holmoe or a member of BYU’s delegation, how would you approach any present talks, knowing that we need the Big 12 more than the Big 12 needs us–at least that’s the impression I get from comments made by Holmoe and Mendenhall in the past.

Boise Cougar,

The sad part about that of which you speak, is that many of those saying offensive things to others not of our flock, don’t even think that they are being offensive. Instead, they think that they are right and being right is all that matters.

We still have a long way to go, when communicating to those that are not of our flock. We often come across as being arrogant with our self righteousness, this brings a lot of dislike, (if not hate), towards all of us.

Sometimes we talk like we think that anyone should be honored to have us because we are so much better than anyone else, instead of talking like we are humbled and honored to be considered for an opening in such a great conference as those making the gesture of possibly accepting us.

Sometimes, we make demands instead of making offers. This comes across as being arrogant and too hard to work with.

This is my opinion, based on all that I read from those posting on the internet. There is a lot of hate on the internet for what they perceive as our self righteous arrogance.

I’m just trying to get the hang of this web site. reading comments about football. I don’t have anything cool to share about expansion.

I’ve seen the Jake Trotter stuff. He’s saying that a vote will happen next Tuesday when the Presidents meet in Dallas. I started chasing the rumors to see if it has any legs, and there is a lot of chatter from other areas in the BIG12 footprint that a BYU invite is imminent. I try to stay grounded, because noting is official until the logo is on the field. It’s hard not to get the hopes up when the info is coming in from so many places.

Where are you hearing rumors about expansion being a possibility? Everything I’ve heard is that they are moving expansion to the backburner for at least another year.

I stand with Jarom Jordan. Wake me up when the Big 12 expands. How can a ten team conference call itself the Big 12? Well I guess if a fourteen team conference can call itself the Big 10, a big 10 conference can call itself the Big 12.

I am really hyped. I’m pumped! I haven’t been this excited about BYU football for over a decade,
I love each and everyone of our coaches. I love both of our Quarterbacks. We have our RB Jaamal Williams back.
Football is important to everyone. Our Offense is being run by a 14 year veteran at QB in the NFL. He is a football
genius. He has a Heisman Trophy. What is there not to like ; ; not to respect and not to have the utmost confidence in.
All of or players, wide receivers, and tight ends are capable and ready to go? This is a new era for BYU Football. Most of our coaches played under Lavel Edwards. They were all winners. Are team is united with no controversy.

Let the games begin.

Regarding the Big 12, I would rather be in the Pac 12. Eveyone says that just isn’t going to happen.

Regarding this season, 2016, if we do as well as I think we will do, there will be invitations. We will have proven ourselves.

If we do as well as I think we will do, we will be moving a notch closer to Notre Dame respect. If we get that kind of respect, we won’t need a power 5 conference.

All is good for BYU Football now.

I don’t see why not joining the Pac 12+2 or +4. Why put up with this Big 12. Or could it be Big 10 or ACC. But SEC, I don’t want to go there as a conference!!
I am pumped up with our new Energetic Coaches, Players and our many great different P5 games locations to play. And many TV exposers. 48 days to go!
Well, we as to be like Notre Dame? Right now we are a P5 school as non conference.
Go Cougars!

Thanks for your reeply dew.

All we need to do from now on is to shedule 9 P5 teams each and every season and with no FCS teams and learn how to beat these guys. We can make our own destiny. We now have the players and the coaches to make an impack.

It won’t be long before BYU and ND are thought of as the two power houses that are independent. There won’t be any question about our P5 status. We won’t need the Big 12, but we won’t turn them down either.

Just keep scheduling P5 and win those teams that we schedule. The future is ours.

Unless Big 12 falls apart like Texas, OU & OSU move on to other conference. More likely those left overs will start calling. Or Super Conferance start to form and thats anybody guess *Super 4 (16)". And as for FCS - well, we can’t control that when comes to November - those P5 schools are booked most of time during that time. I don’t want to face FCS again like Idahos, Weber St, SUU and NM State.

Looks like the Big 12 is going to expand…
Big 12 expansion now alive, well and likely after being presumed dead

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Yeah, adding 2 or 4 more or stay at 10, sorry which I am staying grounded. I am not pumped up yet until they do pick BYU, then I will yell to those Utes in Sandy, Utah - GO BYU!!!

Dan: I agree with Jarom Jordan, getting into a P-5 conference like the Big 12 is very important to BYU. But as Jarom also says, “wake me up when it is over.” This Big 12 expansion trap is like a teenager romance, on again, off again, mostly off period. The best fit for BYU is a full PAC-12 invite. But a Big 10, erh ah Big 12 invite would be acceptable, especially if it is for the full conference menu of sports. Let’s face it, the BYU basketball program is right up there and our area is better than any that now exists in the Big 10, erh ah the Big 12. I can hope, but please…wake me when its’ over.


I agree that of all P5conferences, if they would have us, our best fit would be the Pac 12. But problem is they won’t have us.

Instead of facing the real issues, we like to skirt the real issue by saying that Liberal Cal Berkley, and using that bad word again, Liberal Stanford, will not allow any religious school in the PAC 12.

I believe that the real reason is that especially Cal Berkley and especiallly Stanford, but also the Washington and Oregon Schools were not happy with the Prop 8 issue and our part in that involvement and for that reason more than any other reason, will not allow us to join that conference.

The LGBT community, because of the part we played in the California Prop 8 issue, is determined to keep us out of all P5 conferences. I live in California. I hear a lot more flack on this issue than most people living in Utah.

The common thread I hear from all complaints in California is this: We understand your position for your members in Utah and through out the world on the LGBT community’s rights or lack of rights. What we don’t understand is why you cross state lines and interfere with our election process. Why don’t you live the Gospel that you believe in without trying us in California, to live your religion and values. We have our own religion and our own values and we don’t want your interference. It has not been easy trying to answer their complaints and it make me wonder, without changing doctrine, why can’t we just get along?

Boise Cougar,
You ask some very important questions. I can not summarize for anyone else on this board and the majority would disagree. That’s okay, a couple on this board just loves to hate me and tell me where I am wrong so I will fuel the fire and let them scream.

You ask what we can do to improve the situation. My opinion is this. Simply,
Live our Gospel without trying to change it. Share it with those that want to hear, understand, and believe in it through our missionary program and all other sources.

Love and cherish our doctrine, live it, and never try to change it. That is not what or who we are. Enjoy or culture. Hang on to our value system.

Always remember that our religious beliefs are important to us. Our culture is important to us.
Our value system is important to us.

The religion or lack there of, an the culture and the value system of those not in our flock is also valuable and important to them. They, like us, has their free agency to choose right from wrong according to their beliefs and values and the Lord will reward them according to the choices they make and we are to judge not lest we be judged. We are to leave the judging to God

If we can learn this, most of our problems will go away, The hate for our arrogance will go away. The resistance to allowing us in not only the Pac 12 or the Big 12, but in all P5 conferences will go away. This is nothing new. We had problems in the WAC and even more problems in the MWC. We just have not learned to get along yet with those outside of our fold. And doctrine has little to do with it. Forcing our will onto others is our biggest problem.
(Cal. Prop 8) (LGBT issues) etc.