So the team that showed up for Michigan is back again!

4th quarter miracle needed, completed.

Well, a few differences between the team that showed up for Michigan and tonight.

  1. They have scored points
  2. They just took a two TD lead with less than five minutes to go.
  3. They will most likely pull out the win tonight.

They have been sloppy tonight, and Mangum looked very shaky in the first half.

Had to change my post. My bust. Forgot that I should only watch 4th quarters with this team.

Astounding turnaround. That 4th quarter team could not possibly have been the same group that played the first quarter.

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This has been pretty much what BYU has done all year except for Michigan and UCLA. Start off slow and sloppy. Then, score at will in the 4th.

The reason they turned it around is because I wasn’t watching the first half. No need to play that well until I am watching the game and it matters. :smile:

I didn’t get back from Malibu until after 7:00. All of the water polo teams got destroyed… that happens when you play back to back CIF champs. They are freaky obsessed with their water polo at Malibu HS. Weird thing is how old and run down the campus looked. That is what you get with public education and all the money going to salaries and pensions… even in a wealthy place like Malibu.