So what is the solution in the 2nd half?

That was totally uninspiring after getting 10 quick points. Little defense. Looked slow. No pressure on the QB. Hall doesn’t need to be out there if he isn’t going to run some. And we can’t recover fumbles but Boise is.

For the record, this is a comment I posted earlier this week in a different thread.

“BSU is a team with nothing to lose at this point and as good as they have been in the past, they are dangerous for sure.”

And, Alabama lost to an unranked team. Bad day for the great teams :flushed:

Texas A&M was ranked earlier this season and they have a couple close losses to very good teams. It isn’t like they are some patsy program that doesn’t know how to play football. They were at home and came through with a big win against a team that almost everyone loved to see lose. BYU was at home and flopped.

What “great teams” are you talking about?

Alabama. Boise was also ranked early in the season. Sorry, Alabama should be ranked 10th this week, not 5th except for the politics.

I think Alabama is ranked about where they should be. The SEC is practically a farm league for the NFL and probably has six or seven teams that would beat BYU, or most other teams, consistently, so losing to one of those six or seven teams won’t kill your national championship hopes. Don’t be too surprised if Alabama wins the rest of their games.

You said great “teams” and you gave me ONE great team after saying it was a bad day for the great teams (plural). I want to know what other great teams had a bad day against an inferior opponent or a team with a losing record?

Don’t say BYU… :rofl:

BYU… great team…

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

You’ve outdone yourself on this one… and that is saying something.

You are the one who claim it wasn’t raining during the 2nd quarter.

I am the one claiming that you are overstating the influence of the rain on the fumbling problems that ONLY BYU seemed to have. If your comment were true, then BSU would have fumbled as well because it rained on them just like it did on BYU.

You have officially lost the “rain caused fumbles” argument.

End of story.

I used to work for DIRECTV for over 10 years and people would tell me they see static or snow on the screen. You know the drill I tell the customers how to fix the TV except one customer (you guessed it grasshopper)!!!

That’s because as I stated Boise was better prepared and practiced more for the rain. Again, 3 fumbles in 1 out of 24 quarters played. That 1 quarter just happened to be the only quarter with RAIN. I believe I’m correct. The percentages are well with me.

Your TV is broken

No…you simply cannot accept being wrong.

Show the evidence (what the senses can discern) that Boise was more prepared to not fumble in the rain - than BYU.

Boise practiced with the sprinklers on all week… on the blue turf. :rofl:

It rained the day before and Boise practiced outside. BYU didn’t. End of story…

end of nonsense… please no more.

Yes, please no more. The percentages and facts are with me.