So, What would you do?

BYU just bought the property on which Provo HS now sits. There will be a couple of year lease while the state is building a new Provo HS. The site is 25 acres and cost 25 mil. The location is right across the street from BYU. You are now BYU, what would you do with your new property?
My take.
The number one goal is education. I am not going to build there, Yet. I am going to expand the schools available and the Masters degrees and the Doctorates. You are trying to align with the best education available in the country like the Harvards and the Stanfords. Serious expansion is a coming. With-in 10 years you will see plans for some really interesting changes to the athletic scenery on campus. That 25 acres will be the new home. Those old playgrounds will have modern, high tech facilities. Thousands of new students seeking masters and doctorates are in the works, just around the corner. This is so cool. You won’t believe your eyes whats coming.


I am a football fanatic, and as good as I see your suggestion for the advancement of our academic programs designed to have the best Master’s and the best Doctorates programs, to compete with the Harvard look alike and the Stanford look alike, I also see this as being a great advantage for the cougars to get into a Power 5 conference. The more academically attractive we are to power 5 conferences, the more desirable we are as an athletic program.

Ron, it is what I did not say that should be paid attention to. What do you think is going to happen on that 25 acre site?
The play ground is going to move.

New building(s) for the BYU Engineering Department.

Ok Jeff,

I apologize for not paying attention to that which you did not say. What is it that you did not say that I should be paying attention to?

Do you disagree with me, that the more academically successful we are at they Y, the more attractive our football team will be to other P5 conferences?

Do you disagree with me that if we use that Provo High School site for a strong academic center for Master Degrees and
PhD’s. the advance recognition for our academic achievement and research will help make us more attractive as an athletic program in the P5 conferences?

Is there anything that I didn’t say that you can’t understand?

Your reply to my post, and my reply to your reply, should make other readers feel like each of us have over dosed on some kind of pain killers.

As Emperor of BYU, I would keep the Provo HS football field/track to use for summer camps and intramural sports. The current buildings on the Provo HS would be used to expand academics, and therefore boost the enrollment. I’d be willing to explore the addition of new programs to the University. For example a medical school with a partnership with UVRMC. Since parking is often a mess on campus I would leave the existing parking at Provo HS. The empty field and the baseball structures would be torn down for additional classrooms.

Oh yeah, and the gym. It would have to be converted into a private practice area for volleyball and gymnastics.

No, the gym will be used for WCC basketball games so the opposing WCC teams will feel more at home and welcome than in that cavernous Marriott Center.

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Ha ha ha! Touche!