So what's going to happen at the WCC tournament this week?

Any predictions. The way we’re shooting of late, I expect us to struggle right out of the gate against San Diego and actually believe at this point that we’ll be one and done in Vegas. If by good fortune we win, we will certainly be done after game two, but I just don’t feel like we’ll get that far.

you know that feeling you get when you have a big test and you put off studying?

Do you think that Rose feels hopeful or wishing he had gotten a few more guys involved in the rotation?

Play in the moment or play for the future?

BYU should not be in this pickle, playing SD in the first round and SMC in the 2nd. Last week I did not feel like the SD was a win and I feel even less confident about this game.

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Oh ye of little faith :slight_smile:

BYU over SD in a close one.
BYU over SMC overtime
BYU smokes the bulldogs and earns a 6 seed in the NCAA…

ok very wishful.
BYU will be lucky to get by San Deigo
BYU will be lucky to keep it close against SMC, if it is Pepperdine then BYU wins a blowout and moves on.
iff BYU Gonzaga will it end with less than double digit loss? not likely…

BYU NIT? very iffy…they messed up the last month…nobody stepped it up…the most experienced players stepped back…just too tired I expect…

Next year in Jerusalem…

How about next year in the American Athletic Conference.

Oh the irony