Somethings drive me nuts

Some people seem to be a curse. I am watching baseball. The caller of the game keeps talking about what San Diego needs to do. Almost every time, shortly after he says it, they seem to do it. BYU seems to loose everytime he calls an important game. Its like magic. What ever you do, don’t let him call the volleyball match or the rugby match tonight. It drives me nuts.

I agree what you are saying about today baseball. Same thing with me with FB & BB games from mostly espn commentators. I tried to ignore them or listen to ksl while I watch the game on tv. But having both radio and tv at the same time doesn’t work.

I did noticed right now with VB game when fans behind our server. Why are they doing this, that witch craft spell? Dumb and why the Gator Chomp that they are doing toward each end of the match? Weird.

Aren’t you the same person who complains about wiggly fingers at the volleyball games?
The coaches and players are not listening to the announcers any more than the volleyball players care, know or see the wiggly fingers. Ya, your fears were really noticeable tonight at the volleyball game as BYU serves well and destroyed USC :joy:

I noticed last night how they served a bunch of aces, mostly because USC is terrible but also because they served those aces on the opposite side of where the numbhead wiggly finger student fans are. So Jeff is a little superstitious… nothing wrong with that, it makes the games more fun.

The alligator chomp thing is also stupid. That is something that Florida fans came up with, let them have it to themselves. When the ute fans flash their U symbol with their hands, they are copying the Miami Hurricanes. Let Miami have their own thing and tell the utes to come up with something original. Same with the BYU volleyball fans… do something original and stop copying other schools things.

You look dumb and clueless when you copy other schools traditions.

Well, if we serve better on the opposite side where our servers can see the wiggly fingers then this obviously doesn’t distract our players. We served fine tonight on both sides.

The game announcers have talked repeatedly about how BYU is playing better and serving better on the road than they do at home.

I know you won’t have an explanation for it, but why don’t you try and come up with some reason. Until you do, I’ll go with Jeff’s wiggly fingers theory.

I know one thing, this team is ripe for winning a national championship. I don’t think there is a team out there that can really compete with BYU right now on the volleyball court. They are really good and they start 5 sophomores. That bodes really well for the next few years.

You go with Jeff’s theory. I’ll go with another. The wiggly fingers works because if they didn’t do that at home, we would lose more matches at home.
It’s simply silly that something that is done every time all year would affect them now. And, the fact they can’t see it because it’s going on behind them is also silly.
Why they serve better on the road? Because they are less aggressive on the serves. We are more aggressive at home. True in all sports. So, more mistakes.

Too funny… you’ll go with another theory but you don’t really have one. Teams are more aggressive at home so they make more mistakes? How in the world does any team win at home when they are making all those mistakes? Home court/field advantage? It can’t exist with your theory.

Thanks for making it easy to subscribe to any other theory than this one.

Interesting that you only know what’s going on behind you if you are looking directly at it? Talk about being unaware… and it is not something new, the fact that it might affect them. It may have affected them all season, who knows. Whether it has or not doesn’t matter… the fact that it is dumb, pointless and embarrassing is the bigger reason for stopping it. Fans that look smart usually are.

Yes, teams play more aggressive at home and are more suseptible to serving errors. You pretend to know things you simply don’t.
And, no, the wiggly fingers are no distraction to BYU players. The screaming is not a distraction to the visiting teams either. Maybe in youth ball it is. That’s probably why you are confused.
You are also out of touch with understanding young college students. To them, they are enjoying the game and lots of people are.