Spent some time with TJ Haws on Friday

Just some observations. TJ is no longer rail thin, he has been hitting the weights. He is by no means thick and will get bounced around by bigger guards but he has muscle on his frame now and should be able to bang more.

Interesting but did not have any insight on why Emery quit. He did say that Emery probably needed to step away and clear his mind now that he has remarried and I think I read that they have a baby.

Likes Pope a lot just for the fact that he got Childs to come back.

And now for the biggie. NBA coach showed TJ a variety of moves that NBA players use to get open…to get by pressing players…stance even before you get the ball. proper ways to pass without telegraphing . And what dumb founded me was that he said that they don’t work on those kinds of things much. Explains a lot to me as to why Rose never had post players progressing.
A lot more to talk about but it was a real eye opener to me.

Good to know that he is hitting the weight room. Did you ask him why he didn’t work out after his mission?

Or why none of our 4’s and 5’s work out.

It may take some time to change the culture but I am hopeful. I will be honest and say that I thought Rose was a really good coach, but the unwillingness to adapt over time and the blind faith in the LP3 kept the team from progressing over the last several years.

favoritism- maybe he’s a narrsist? HAhahahahahaaaa