St. Mary’s takes down the Zags

St. Mary’s is beatable on their home court! We just have to beat everyone else!

Technically possible. But I’m not investing hope in that.

I will hope to beat them at their place. I want that so much…

We have to play better than we did tonight. 2nd half was not played with much focus and concentration. Tons of mistakes and gave up too many offensive rebounds.

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Lost focus. The first half was so easy, then we couldn’t adjust. We won because they stink

They played tough in the second half. We can’t be that sloppy against USD or we will get beat. We have to play for 40 minutes.

What a confusing post. You title it “St. Mary’s takes down the Zags” and then you talk about how they (St. Mary’s) are beatable on their home court?

Then you proceed to talk about the game vs. LMU tonight.

Stay focused grasshopper…

Reality is that BYU choked away a golden opportunity to beat SMC at the MC. That is the bottom line right now.

Okay, I made a mistake. I was talking about the Zags are beatable since SM beat them.
Can you move on from a past game? It’s what we do today and in the future. Good thing you refereed instead of coached. Refereeing allows you to remember the past and hammer a team you don’t like but coaching you have to move on and look to the future.

It’s also really important, as a coach, to know what you are talking about when you say something. It helps the team if they at least think you know what you are doing. I’m guessing that was a problem for you back in the day.

And I do. You have to move on from the loss and look to the future. Referees just keep making the same mistakes over and over :joy: