St. Mary's in the NIT

So the Gaels double up on southeast Louisiana, who I know nothing about, and show everyone that they are a better team than given credit for… I think.

Does their win prove anything other than they dominated the game? 89-45 final.

It kind of tells me two things.

  1. I mentioned that they are a well coached basketball team and typically fundamentally sound.
  2. It shows us, once again, what a wasted potential BYU had this past season. The truth is BYU is a better team than St. Mary’s but they were not able to show it until the semifinal of the wcc tourney when they finally played like what they are capable of. Sad…

I see ford had a field day. 37 minutes for the backup and he got the start alongside Naar.

I would agree we had a higher potential than we initially thought and we did not reach it.

SE Louisiana is not a very good team, Sunbelt Conference

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I still like that we almost surely knocked St Mary’s out of the Big Dance.

Talking about getting knocked out of things, here’s a funny tidbit. I’m on this Rec League Basketball Team and we have our League Championship Game tonight. We have two “famous” LDS guys on our team. Parker Mangum (Tanner’s older brother) and Jeremy Guthrie. Both are great guys and excellent players - ultra competitive.

Embarrassing… and shameful. He is a representative of the church and acting like that? I hate to say this but I am not joking either. It is too bad that the culture in our religion is barely a step behind the world (if that sometimes). I know some will think I am being “holier than thou” but that isn’t it at all.

If anybody is wondering why people in this country are not joining the church more often, this is one reason why. I apologize Craig, if I offended you, but I hope you made a point to your sons that the behavior of this “great guy and excellent player” who is going to be a mission president is totally inappropriate.

Likewise, the fact that he is an excellent player and ultra competitive is sort of like a who cares IMO. I know this might seem negative, but we don’t need flagrant foulers who get kicked out of rec league games representing our church.

If you can shed more light on the situation or maybe I needed to be there to understand better, I would appreciate it. This kind of stuff bugs me though.

true that. Love seeing Bennett pay the price for weak scheduling. He robbed his kids of a dance card. Good coach but lacks integrity. I feel bad for his kids like Landale, Hermenson and Naar

I have a different take…We played in out Church ball tourney last night. A guy tried to take me out after I “Boxed” him out extra hard. About 2 plays latter, he physically took down our best inside guy. I ran up and asked him if he wanted to finish what he started. Both teams separated and cooled out.

It’s called church ball for a reason. FYI, don’t ever pick a fight with a Poly. I know I always make friends with polys before any games as a rule. (they will gang up on you)

At any rate, we all shook hands and had a laugh at the end of the game. And yes, Jim, you sound as if you have never played in the infamous Church ball arena.

Jim: You didn’t offend me. I’m almost impossible to offend - I’m a white aging male Mormon RM living in Liberal Oregon. lol.

I read Fish’s comment about the intense game last night. Sounds like it got a little out of hand.

With Guthrie, I wouldn’t call his actions shameful. It was just a momentary lack of judgment and discipline where he fouled someone too hard on a breakaway. Poor judgment and lack of composure? Yes. Embarrassing? No.

But I do agree with you that LDS people should hold ourselves to a higher standard.

By the way, we won the Championship Game last night 91-86. It was an awesome game that I loved being part of, though I’m definitely a benchwarmer most of the game.

Glory days, sing it. Love church ball where we all get to live out our woulda coulda lives. Nice win. We lost in the championship game (breaking in some young guys who get impatient.) but we went undefeated for the season. The old guys congratulated the winners, young guys took off…Oh to be young and stupid again.

I played my fair share of church ball and yes, I know it is intense sometimes but under no circumstance did I ever lose it to the point of flagrant or technical fouling.

It isn’t because I am not competitive, nor because I don’t get into it that much. The reason I never let myself get out of control was because it is “church ball” and I didn’t want to embarrass myself. I mean come on… it’s church ball… small time, bush league, church ball.

And in case anybody is wondering, it was pretty competitive at times. We brought in some ringers that had played juco ball in Cali and it was competitive. I remember one guy on our team dunking a missed free throw with a tomahawk behind his head and thinking to myself, what in the world is going on here… it’s church ball.

I remember a couple of bishops at BYU in some pick up games getting is some fights. There were some fights in church softball around here in quiet Ventura. Nobody’s perfect.

Yeah, just throw that one out there as a catch all for poor behavior.

Come on…

Patience, kindness… doesn’t mean agreeing with poor behavior.