St Marys will be absolutely tough

You can stop with the “anti mormom” claim stuff.

Did you ever attend school at BYU?

Where do you live?

What experience do you have with the “culture” of the school?

All pertinent questions.

Your questions are not relevant to a discussion of Cougar basketball…any more than your claims are that you know [quote=“JimHawks, post:15, topic:7374”]
recesses of my mind[/quote]

Positive mental attitude is the way to improve.

He was trying to make a point on how your thinking pattern is like anti-Mormons. But that you are anti-Mormon. An analogy. Something you don’t seem to understand.

They are absolutely relevant because I believe the answers would help to explain some of your beliefs and perceptions about the team and culture. You don’t have to answer them though. I was just asking.

Also, where did you get that quote? Oops, another question. I don’t remember saying that. Are you twisting or changing my comment? You must write part time for some gossip column. :smile:

There’s a little arrow after the quote that the site software provides for you to be able to follow the links…

Do you “know” that Joseph Smith experienced the first vision? Do you “know” that Christ was resurrected? or that God lives? Do you “know” those things?

Or do you believe (that there is strong evidence to support) those things?

It is a semantics error on my part. I believe the things that I see and I try to make sense of them. Perhaps I am wrong but I am basing my observations on lots of experience. Honestly, I am perceptive to a lot of things that others just don’t see. Does that mean I am correct in my beliefs regarding the basketball team? Maybe…

We have seen this before, we have seen it with less talented teams and now, instead of critical thinking taking place along with an effort to suggest what could be done to improve the situation, all I read are excuses for why it isn’t working. Once again, all the hype swirls down the drain.

Are we resigned, as BYU fans, to continue to accept the 20 win seasons and occasional ncaa bids and first round exits or barely making it to the NIT with this much “talent”? Do we believe the hype and accept the mediocre results? I believed this was supposed to be an elite 8 or final 4 team. You seem to be the answer man, tell us what we should do?

Your questions are not relevant to a discussion of Cougar basketball…any more than your claims are that you know the recesses of my mind…you do not know me better than I know myself…and given the evidence on this board that is true in many other instances as well…

The story is that when I talked to the coaches a couple of weeks ago, Dastrup was so out of shape after the mission that he could no “go”. They said that he was coming along, for whatever that means. I am also befuddled at his lack of playing time. When we were way up in WCC games, why not play him plenty of minutes just to get in the rotational flow but he sits. Does not look good from any way you look at it.

But the culture of BYU basketball is just fine… :weary:

So you want to change that? Okay, the Church could sell BYU to the Catholic Church and they would then play basketball like St. Mary’s. Is that it? :eyes: