Start of "The Game!"

Too much dribbling and one on one stuff. Get some open shots as we are hitting the midrange shots.

Gonzaga is pretty weak… not one of their better teams. BYU down 10 but it could be a lot worse.

Typical officiating giving Zags all the calls until they get a good lead and then they call it more even. This is what we’ve come to expect. Anybody who doesn’t see it game after game with this tam isn’t paying attention. The WCC is the worst in that department.

So who will step up for the Cougars and make a difference. So far the big two haven’t done much. Big game Chase is up to his usual tricks and KC looks mediocre…

We shall see.

I’m glad Rose started harping on the refs about travelling so they finally started calling it.

0-8 from 3. Officials have nothing to do with that…

you’re right, they don’t. But the little black official is terrible… Gonzaga homer if there ever was one.

Few knows his team is weak… he’ll need all the help he can get.

Gonzaga, if they win this game, will do it from the free throw line. Mark it down now.

Hit some shots and stop turning the ball over and your conspiracy is mute. BYU is losing because they have terrible technique on their 3 point shots. Emery leaning forward, Sejlass not squared up and KC should never take a 3. We are playing too tight although Davis has loosened up and making shots.
Whichever team warms up from outside will win and stops turning the ball over wins.

Can’t shoot anything. Why can’t we shoot in these small gyms?

What a sorry excuse… not being able to shoot in “small gyms” is so weak. Did you see that Chris said Few would pressure BYU on the 3’s? Maybe that is the reason…

Call it like it is… Wiltjer is dominating because the refs are kissing his booty.

We have always struggled in these WCC gyms. Can’t help that but it’s the truth.
Oh, what have I harped on all year? Missing layups and Davis bricked the layup to tie