Still in the top 20

AP has us #14 and the lowly biased coaches poll has us #16. CC moved up to #11 in the AP. We lost by 1 yard. Seems like we should be right behind CC at #12. Oh well, Potato Bowl here we come unless we win Saturday and play a top 10 team on the 19th and win.

NO. Lost by 5 points. And the truth of how good / bad the team actually is.

NO! Lost by 1yard. That’s how close we are to CCU.

Absolutely wrong. The score was 22 for CC and 17 for BYU. That is what we lost by. 2 yards is woulda / coulda / shoulda - whiney sour grapes.

Nope. 1 yard and the score would be 23-22. Why did Milne run a 16 yard route and not an 18 yard route? Also, why didn’t check down better and see Algiers down the sideline wide open?

Sorry dude BUT woulda / coulda / shoulda questions.

It’s because I think like a coach and not an over emotional armchair QB. So, you must have just heard of “woulda, shoulda, coulda and thinks it’s the answer to the universe :sunglasses:

What planet are you on and which aliens do you coach? :alien:

:alien: takes one to know one :sunglasses: