Still some things to consider

While we shot lights out, that won’t always happen. So, some things to consider:

  1. SF shot 75 times to BYU 66 times. Tip the shooting % and the outcome would be different.
  2. SF had 16 offensive rebounds and BYU only 10. That has to change. Davis was weak tonight rebounding.
  3. SF had 9 steals why BYU only had 1 steal. That didn’t surprise me too much because I was saying before the game that they would extend their defense way out and be in passing lanes. Our dribbling Into congestion didn’t help either.

BYU needs to work on their offense when pressed severely as they were. Emery isn’t going to shoot like that every game.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… :expressionless:

And this is why you will never understand the big picture nor the intricate parts of the game. You sleep in class :slight_smile:

While you have many of the qualities of a professor, I’m not sure you’re qualified to teach.
Superior attitude - Check
Opinionated - Check
Sure you’re right - Check
More knowledgeable on the subject than the average student - Here is where you seem to have trouble. You seem to struggle with facts. If you work on your facts, we might let you teach third graders the fundamentals of basketball. Otherwise, sleeping is the only logical option.

If I’m more knowledgeable then I don’t struggle with the facts. Thanks for helping out. :heart_eyes: happy Valentine’s Day

Ok, I will explain this in third grade English. Of the qualities of a professor, you have the following: Superior attitude, opinionated, sure you’re right. You don’t have “more knowledgeable on the subject than the average student” and I wouldn’t let you coach third graders currently because you seem to struggle with facts. Back to sleep now.

and the reason I sleep in class is because you are not teaching anything…

The 3 things you listed were random, uninteresting and had nothing to do with winning or losing the game.

That is why I fell asleep.

Back to sleep? You never woke up! You are sleep texting again with dreams of grandeur. Are you bed wetting too? :laughing:

Back to sleep? You never woke up! Wake up and smell the roses…

The lone wolf runs wild again…

Not for more decades than you can count. Thank you for your concern.