T.J. Haws seems like a really nice kid

and almost too nice. I don’t mean that in a bad way because he is obviously a good person. I do have a couple of questions about him. First, what effect will having served a mission have on his basketball game from here on? Was he a nice guy off the court and a pit bull on the court? Does he have the competitive instinct to destroy his opponent and then shake his hand afterward? I hope so.

Second question… if he was the 2014 Utah POY in high school, how is he home from his mission already? Did he graduate high school early? It is only the first part of April and I think Utah high school ends the first part of June, right? I was just curious because I believe Nick Emery finished his mission early for whatever reason, right? If anybody has answers to these questions, I would appreciate a response.

I am cautiously optimistic about the future for BYU basketball. I just can’t buy into the hype is all… I want to believe but I need to see something first.

He left in April according to this article. http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865599509/TJ-Haws-caps-off-his-unprecedented-prep-career-being-named-2014s-Mr-Basketball.html?pg=all
I don’t think there was anything unusual in his case. A few weeks give or take may be determined by when transfers occur. By the way, I think this article will give you better insight into the kind of competitor he is and his ability to adjust his game to different defenses.

Yes, the article was very helpful. It appears that he could have graduated early from high school because he considered playing with Tyler at BYU and instead he played his final year at Lone Peak. Obviously he graduated early, after the basketball season, and left for his mission. I like the fact that he can adjust his game to do what needs to be done to help the team win. It will be nice to have an unselfish player because that will certainly help BYU win some of those games that they lose because of selfish play.

He is the kind of player that can give us real hope that things will improve, not just hype. I just hope his mission didn’t make him too compassionate… lol.

A mission didn’t seem to ratchet down the competitiveness of Emery. I’ll bet a few hard fouls and TJ will be right back in the mix of things. :man_with_turban: It seems Rose really encourages competitive practices so with that culture in practice everyday, I think TJ will find his moxy.

Mr. Doubting Thomas, I know TJ didn’t leave the mission early but I think he did graduate high school early. As far as Emery, he came back early because of the medical issue that requires him to wear the long sleeve jersy to stay warm.
As far as how he will do, the rumors are he’s already shaken the dust off and shooting lights out again. Great year coming!!!
And, Kobe’s last game tonight. Did you get an $18,000 court side seat? Or a $1,000 nosebleed seat? :grin:

Scott, you need to go to that Kobe Farewell game. Go for it. You can afford it behind the bench or anywhere. Go for it Scott :laughing:

Unfortunately it’s sold out. Tried to get on 710 radio to win some tickets but no luck! Great fun!

Scalpers should be able to sell some to you at double price or more :smile: You don’t want to miss Kobe last time at Staples.

It’s on TV dude. It will be fantastic!

It’s not the same Dude. Go for it :laughing: You won’t feel the energy being at home. The fun is in the Staple Center. Even better you might get autograph from Kobe. :wink:

Thanks for the info… I ALREADY KNEW IT/FIGURED IT OUT!

Haws is getting his feet back under him and said he is still a couple months away from playing a full court pick up game. He’s taking it slowly, as he should.

The answer to the first question. Will TJ have his killer competiveness back?

Just ask Emery what a punch can do for your game…LOL. TJ has early morning shooting sessions with his dad Marty, and brother. They have been doing it since Jr high. TJ has the shooting touch of his brother along with the ability to create a shot any time he chooses. He played the point his senior yr and they won the Utah 5A title when everyone said that Lone Peak was done once Mika and Emery graduated. He did it with a little known fr.who is now going to start for Duke. TJ will play either the point or shooting guard when asked and he will start as a true freshman.
He may just go down as the most complete player to ever come to BYU.

Hype machine is in beast mode about now.

Just as a side note to your comment about Emery…

Emery came home because of medical issues that the Church deemed extremely serious…

To Emery credit, the kid wanted to finish his mission… so he went back out to his mission and within months the medical issue came back… they finally released him from his mission (all though Emery was not happy about it) for medical reasons.

I have a friend that lives in Emery’s ward… this what the family told them.

I admire Emery for his dedication to serve his mission, sometimes the Lord has other plans…

As for TJ… he served his mission, his older brother has been working with him to get back in shape… So hopefully he has not lost a lot on his mission…

Was TJ better overall than his older brother in High School?

easy answer: Tyler was a 3 star coming out. TJ, a 4. Tyler is a shooting machine but he did not play a lick of D and he was average a creating his shot, always relying on screens.

TJ should have been a 5 star player coming out. He has the Haws shooting touch to go with a Complete game.


TJ would have had 30 offers from power schools had he not signed as a Sophomore…I mean, who does that anyway? That’s just unheard of…Minut Bol’s kid is a Fr. and he is getting offers but to my knowledge, TJ is walking on rare ground.