Tailgating Question

Hello all - Baylor bear alum/fan present. Excited about the Y joining the Big 12, and excited to go to my first game at LaVell Edwards. Looking to many more games there in the coming years. I am not here to troll, but have a question about tailgating.

I know Lot 18 is where tailgating is supposed to happen, and that it opens as early as 8am. What is the situation though? Do folks actually turn up at 8am and if I got there later to set up, there would be no spots? Or is arriving at noon and setting up just fine? Thanks y’all.

I would answer but I am an out of state fan so not very familiar with the situation. At first I thought your question would be “is it okay to bring some cold beers?” :laughing: and I probably couldn’t answer that either. I do know that most, if not all, of the people there will be friendly and inviting and probably offer you a mint brownie or a cold soda.

The game experience will be great, win or lose, as it is a beautiful setting for college football, particularly later in the fall when it gets a little colder. I went as a student 35 years ago when tickets were 3 bucks a game (18 for the 6 home games each year).

I hope you have a great time and good luck in the game.

I was there in the late 70’s and it was free for students.

From my experience people don’t always show up at 8, because we have this thing called “Mormon standard time” which means if something starts at 8, they show up 10 minutes late.

In all seriousness, the later in the day you show up, the more crowded it is going to be. I will check with my friend who always tailgates down there and see what he says,

but if I was you I would get there before 10 (if game time is 1:00 pm).

Like Jim said, sitting at Edwards stadium is a treat just to see the mountains that on the east side, especially in fall when the leaves change colors.