Take aways from the Stanford-BYU game

1- Childs may think he is NBA ready but Stanford exposed him. Big athletic guys that have some moves gets him in quick foul trouble. You could argue, “But, he will not be playing center”. OK…quicker athletic forewards will blow him up becasue this I can say on authority, “Childs is uncomfortalbe away from the basket”. His foul trouble cost BYU the game.

could of used Nixon in a big way (shoulder surgery)

2 Eli brought his A+ game but he could not do it by his self. Childs foul trouble really cost us. Eli shooting 3-6 from the stripe…fautigue, but then we all knew that was coming.

3 Haws, Uhhhhgg. Just go right at him. he can’t do a thing about it with his stick body. If his 3 shooting is off, BYU struggles. 0-7 says it all

4 Seljaas…just read the Haws comment…He did have a great block.

5 Hardnett sure went to the hoop hard. I saw it in the UMass game and wondered why they did not coach him up. Tough little sucker. He is a important key to BYU’s offensive woos but what do I know.

6 And who were the real stories of this NIT game…you got it…Bergersen and Dastrup. Bergersen scores 7 in ten minutes and gets the block of the game…no, the NIT. Where was that all season, Coach?
Dastrup makes some mistakes but he is instent offense and PT will take care of the rust. PLAY HIM, COACH.

7 BYU left 5 points on the floor by taking early shots at the end of 2nd and 3rd period. WTH? Idiots. Play for the last shot…idiots.

Good analysis-Haws must have a head issue. Sometimes he looks great and other times clueless. He made a huge TO at the last part of the game just standing there with the ball ugh. I’m wondering since Bryant graduates in June, whether he can opt going somewhere else without sitting out a season? Seljaas-if he can’t shoot, what is his upside. Do you see a rift between Childs and Rose. I see Shroyer is leaving BYU for somewhere else probably. Losing Nixon was tough-didnt even know he was hurt. Bergersen looked good, but not much pt in second half. That’s it for bb this year. It leaves a lot out there as to what next year will look like-even what conference BYU will be in. A little disappointing for the 2nd year in a row-hoping football is An improvement

That got me standing up immediately. What does BYU need again??? ATHLETES!!! Well, there’s one.

Other coaches play freshman to develop them based on the potential to perform.

I look forward to seeing the roster changeups. We’ve got to get better and deeper.


Same reason they didn’t coach up Bergerson or Dastrup. They aren’t Bryant, Childs or Haws and that is where Rose put his eggs. Unless that changes, all the big things Schroyer was going to do on defense to improve the team aren’t going to matter. It was still the same old BYU, just with a different wrinkle.

Child’s is not an NBA prospect at this point. He is too small to play inside in the NBA and he hasn’t developed his skills enough to be a small forward in the NBA. Bryant isn’t an NBA prospect either in my opinion. He appears a little too slow to play guard in the NBA.

I hope Childs doesn’t pull a Plaisted or a Mika. He isn’t ready for the NBA. Maybe he can play in Europe right now and make some money and if that is what he wants so be it but no scout should be telling him he is ready for the NBA.

Very good analysis of the Standford game fish. Yoeli forgot about his team and played for his NBA dream self. He could use another year at BYU and he still won’t make it into the NBA. Haws needs to get on a weight gain program. I believe that all 170 pounds of him wears out at the end of the season.

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