Takeaways from ECU Game

  1. Mangum is wicked good on his first read, because he is accurate and has a freakin’ cannon.
  2. Mangum scares me when he holds the ball waaaaaay too long. He took a couple very unnecessary sacks.
  3. LES is great when it is full; especially when I sit with my daughters and my son in law in the crazed ROC–great job, BYU students.
  4. Our D stinks. No excuses. It is just not good.
  5. Our D stinks. WAIT! Does that count as two takeaways? Only if I add that our D stinks mostly because we just don’t have any NFL talent outside of maybe a double teamed Kaufusi and a gimpy Tuiloma.
  6. Takitaki is a playmaker–lightning fast off the edge; but he dropped into coverage more than he rushed.
  7. Our OL has its struggles, but we have THREE RB AVERAGING over 5 ypc (Hine, Brown, and the scary athletic Bernard).
  8. Speaking of scary athletic, Riley Burt will be a player.
  9. Everyone talks about Blackmon’s speed, but let’s give that kid the credit he deserves for making EVERY tough catch as a possession receiver. He is a baller. Just like his HS buddy JWill. Tough kids and we’re lucky to have them.
  10. WAIT TIL’ NEXT YEAR!! Our D stinks; no, wait, I already did that one–my final takeaway is that Bronco uses 24 points as a worst case goal for our D, but we’ve given up at least that many in every game but one this year. To me this means that we will win some really exciting games, our D will lose us a couple, and we’ll wind up with around the same record we have had for 3 or 4 years now. We have a lot of elite 4 star skill dudes coming next year: Dayan Lake and Lil Warner in the secondary, Butch Pauu at ILB, and maybe Taysom and JWill along with Squally C in the backfield. We will need them all, because to this observer we looked like the less athletic team on Saturday against a middle of the road directional school.
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O-line - Johnson is hurt, missed last week’s game, but was only suppose to be used sparely, but because of protection issues, he played more.
I think the correct comment should be “our right side of the offensive line stinks”… Johnson was moved over to the right guard (normally he plays left guard) to help protection… pretty sad…

Defense: I am not sure why Bronco insists on blitz, when he has such lousy pass coverage personnel… The DB’s (Especially Davis last Saturday) can not defend the pass well…

Blackmon: I love what he does AFTER the catch… (although I agree with you about if he can touch it, more times than not it is caught)… love the tenacity…

Brown: needs to put some grip’em. on his hands… how many fumbles?

ECU at BYU 1 with 3rd and goal on last play of first half:
Fan to son-in-law: “No TOs left. No time to run. They are lining up the left wideout alone and tight. They are going to throw a fade to him right now. Davis better back off at the snap so he can come forward to make a play on the ball in the air.”
ECU throws the fade, Davis does not get in position, backpedals into end zone, is backpedaling and falling backwards when he tries and fails to jump to make a play on the ball, and WR makes easy catch for the TD. I DO NOT question whether Davis was trying his hardest. I DO question why our DB coach didn’t prepare our starting corner to defend the most simple of plays, particularly after ECU tipped exactly what they were going to do. Our secondary has basically been horrid ever since the day Daniel Sorenson played his last snap. I think Howell is on borrowed time.


I noticed the exact same thing! The coaches make way too many mistakes. They probably should have called a timeout there, but they end up using at least 2 timeouts early in every half because of poor planning. IMO that cost us the UCLA game.

Isn’t Nick Howell (Bronco’s protégé) the db coach?

Yes. That’s all I can comment on that since my mom told me to be nice.

I understand …LOL