Tanner makes an appearance

And then after two bad passes takes a seat for the rest of the half…

Taysom is looking very sharp first half. The passing game is clicking as it should against a lower division team. Taysom is throwly very accurately today. If he would have been throwing like this all season, nobody would be clamoring for Tanner. It looks like there will be an opportunity to give Tanner some work in the second half. He may need a few series to knock the rust off. BYU should be able to coast in for the win and bowl eligibility.

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Sure hope that is simple describing and not gloating. Hard to come into a game cold and not playing a meaningful down all season and be accurate. If they don’t play him meaningful minutes in the second half, this first half appearance will essentially be disrespect to Tanner who hasn’t complained that I know of.

So, no reason for you to complain either then. He’s been completely vocal about this year and is fine with it.

Maybe Tanner can run to his own endzone for a safety. Good grief Charlie Brown

I thought, previously, you, Scott, were at least decently reasonable and rational. Now, not so much. Won’t engage with you going forward.

Got to give credit where credit is due. Taysom was accurate and effective today. This is the kind of effort we’ve been looking for. In the meantime, Tanner was perfect in the second half with some beautiful throws. There’s a lot to look forward to when he finally gets to take the driver’s seat.

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I see no reason not to comment on that. Took us right out of scoring against a weak team. Note also with the Tanner we scores all of 2 field goals in the second half. Next year looks wonderful.

o-line still sucks…

Anyone who is making a comment, on this game, about how good or bad a particular QB is playing has no business doing so. BYU is playing FCS Southern Utah. It is like the varsity playing the jv.

So Taysom makes some good throws… big deal. I saw plenty of dumb plays on his part like when he got sacked running around on another broken play, fumbled, etc. I am glad he made some good throws but it is the 10th game of the season and they are playing a FCS team that is average… so it doesn’t really mean anything.

Tanner Mangum playing? He should have seen some time before now that’s for sure.

This season has gone about like we all thought it would. The bummer is that BYU lost to some pretty mediocre teams in UCLA and Boise… and they beat some pretty bad teams in Arizona, Michigan State, Mississippi State and Cincinatti. I won’t even comment on the Toledo and SUU wins. The losses to WVU and Utah are okay but they easily could have won those games and they choked.

Sounds like another woulda coulda shoulda season. I love the Cougars but it gets old… well, here’s to next season!

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Yes, still another woulda, coulda, shoulda season. And wait till next year too. Someone, please turn that record off, it just keeps skipping. Please!

3 more games to go!
Didn’t see much from Tanner. A couple of scrambles and that huge sack! I think it was the mustache.
Mississippi State has a couple of huge wins. The other teams weren’t as good this year. But they do play in tough conferences too.
I still believe in the college game, you can’t force a QB like Hill to not use his gifts and expect anything different than what has happened. If Tanner wasn’t going to redshirt then Detmer should have allowed Hill to run all he wanted to. Their should have been more plays for him to run.
Also, going for 2 points lost a couple games too. So, I believe that the coaches were the ones to blame for an 8-4 season. Utah st. Won’t be a give me. Not that they are bad coaches. Just inexperienced coaches.

“Hearts and Flowers”-“Hearts and Flowers”-"Hearts and Flowers-"Hearts and Flowers-"Hearts and Flowers- on the smallest record player…:slight_smile:

Really, BSU a mediocre team.
Miss St, a bad team?, who beat at top 10 Tex A&M team 8 days ago.
Sometimes I think you throw out this stuff just to stir the pot.

BYU is still filling the stands, something I thought would be impossible once we lost a few games so apparently there are plenty of fans who will travel and come to games when games really don’t mean anything to you or I but apparently this woulda coulda season does mean something and there is plenty to cheer about next year.

To only of lost by 8 total points and maybe a undefeated season if Tanner had started tells me that everyone is invested in the new coaches and Mangum in 2017.

Good post except the end. Tanner is the QB that actually played last year with the GFGH offense. He would have struggled too. What Detmer should have done is gone faster and not have held Hill back. Just that we would have won. Also, the 2 point conversions cost us.

I’m glad Fish mentioned that BYU filled the stadium to watch BYU over-power an FCS team. It speaks volumes about how the fans have embraced the program. BYU has some of the most loyal fans in all of college football. Credit Sataki for creating an environment and culture the fans appreciate and support. Yes, BYU could have made noise on the national scene had they won two or three more of the close games. But, that hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm for the team.

I’ve watched Boise play this season… very average in my opinion. They play in a weak conference and had a weak schedule. MSU has a losing record and just got beat by Alabama 51-3. Yes it is Alabama but that is terrible. MSU lost to South Alabama and Auburn too so maybe they should quit playing in Alabama.

Yes, BYU is filling the stands and that is a good thing. They are just having the season that everyone expected they would have.

If Bronco were still the coach, people would be calling for his head at this point and yapping about what a bad coach he is and how he has lost so many games because he went for two or kept Hill in the game.

Fans are fickle.

Fans understand the new coaches are new. Thus, no comparison with Bronco.

Who said anything about “comparisons”?

All I said was “fans are fickle”.