Targeting, calls vs. non-calls

Yesterday, as I watched games from across the nation, I was amazed at the targeting non-calls in almost every game. I watched and replayed several, and couldn’t believe my eyes. Near the end of the Auburn/A&M game, there was a play in which Auburn had put in a new QB who was more mobile. There was a hit to him by an A&M defender that was blatantly helmet to helmet. It was so obvious that when I replayed the hit, the play was right in front of an official. NO CALL!! The call on Nucua was, may be, just may be he grazed the receiver’s face mask with his shoulder. Really?? And even though on the very next play, the hit was slightly more obvious, it was mild in comparison to the non-calls that I watched all day yesterday. There must be a SERIOUS lack of consistency among the officiating crews out there.

Yes, I noticed a play in the Stanford USC game that was worse than anything I saw in the BYU Utah games. The difference was that no flag was thrown.

There must be a SERIOUS lack of consistency among the officiating crews out there.

SG: So, you have noticed.

You all know the answer to what you are talking about but apparently you need me to say it.

The “inconsistency” is only in what team the targeting call is made against… and it is directly related to the fact that the ridiculous calls were not overturned.

BYU is officiated differently much of the time than other teams are. It is one of the reasons you saw the officials being so kind and generous to BYU in the UCLA game. The blatantly biased calls that resulted in ejections for 2 BYU players combined with the facemask yank resulted in more favorable officiating for BYU. When was the last time you saw a BYU team called for 2 penalties and 15 yards total? Had this been the case last week, BYU would have beaten Utah and people wouldn’t be calling for Tanner to replace Taysom…


may I offer an alternate point of view?

the reason for the call had nothing to do with BYU as a school per say, it had EVERYTHING. to with the officials from the PAC12 protecting a team from their conference.

the reason the officials were so “easy” on BYU last night was because they were NOT PAC12 officials, they came from the BIG12 instead.

the PAC12 has a reputation of being homers, while the BIG12 has a reputation of developing good quality officials.

the issue with college football is that the officials are not under one umbrella, thus the inconsistency.


Someone on this Cougarfan board said that Blaine Fowler found out it was not the Pac 12 who were officiating the Rivalry game, it was from the Big 12. And then another comment from DN comment section said all those refs on the field were from Big 12 but the Video Replay Booth was from the Pac 12. The Pac 12 Video Replay were the one who favor to call the Targeting toward those two players. Homers of Pac 12 is still alive.

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From the commentators on TV to Matich, said that they were PAC12

In fact I can find no article that says they were from the Big12, not the PAC12.

I know the PAC12 has had a long standing rule that says all non conference home games must be done by the PAC12, if someone can show me a link or whatever to disprove that, I would appreciate it.

Matich more likely correct what you are saying and nothing said from any sport writers. You think Blain Fowler would know but you are right. I have read and understood that any non conference game being played on Pac 12 field then those Pac 12 refs would be there.

Well, I think that is exactly what Jim was saying. Don’t you? :slight_smile:

Yes and I appreciate Floyd’s “alternate point of view” but it is exactly what I said.

We can paint it any way we want to… it doesn’t matter if it is Pac 12 or whatever, the bottom line is that there are enough people out there in positions of authority who get their jollies out of screwing BYU. It’s just the way it is.

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I think if you read your last conference talks, it may help you with your persecution complex.

You have no verifiable proof of officials screwing BYU intentionally because they are part of the church.

If you are so concerned with it, maybe you should start a campaign to get rid of Tom Holmoe because he keeps agreeing to play those teams that brings dirty officials…

Do you really think Tom Holmoe would allow open biased officials to work? They do have avenues to remedy the issue.

As I have stated many times, unless the officials really do not care about BYU either way, they simply try to do the best they can do during the game. BYU as a school is not really that important to them, getting into the NFL matters most and guess what, if you screw BYU and it is on tape… THE NFL see it…and doc the officials for doing it.

That is the goal of every college official to make it to the NFL, why would anyone in their right mind blow a chance to get to the NFL by hosing any school?

The big12 officials in the game last Saturday were pretty descent, you should have no complaints… What you should be complaining about is the inept offense we have.

I just get tired of the persecution complex members of the church has… If you want to persecution, look at the way members of this church treats their neighbors who not LDS… Now that is something to ■■■■■ about.

Are you referring to the talks where church leaders warn us that the persecution against christians and members of the church in particular is likely to increase and become more intense? Is that what you are referring to? Yeah, I already know this.

And you have no proof they aren’t. Have you seen any other examples of it this season?

Totally illogical comment. Holmoe has no choice. He is doing the best he can to schedule the best opponents he can. The officials in the UCLA game were fine. The officials, particularly the replay guy, in the Utah game intentionally screwed BYU. Sorry if you don’t get that.

Do you really think he has any choice? There are political ramifications and other issues. He has no say or choice in the matter. If he did, he would have done something about it but it continues to be a problem. [quote=“Floyd_Edwards, post:11, topic:6937”]
As I have stated many times, unless the officials really do not care about BYU either way, they simply try to do the best they can do during the game. BYU as a school is not really that important to them, getting into the NFL matters most and guess what, if you screw BYU and it is on tape… THE NFL see it…and doc the officials for doing it

I don’t believe this. This is like saying that every kid who plays college football wants to get into the nfl. It isn’t possible. Every ref DOES NOT want to get to the nfl, very few do.

Like I said, this is nonsense. I guarantee you that the replay official who made the decision to eject both BYU players doesn’t care about making it to the nfl and neither does the guy that looked right at Jamal when his facemask was yanked. Those guys have no nfl aspirations, along with the majority of the college football officials. Maybe the 2 or 3 college officials you know have mentioned how cool it would be to make it to the nfl…

Like I have said several times now, the officials in the UCLA game made a point of not calling penalties on BYU. I’m guessing they were instructed to do that after the previous weeks debacle vs. Utah.

I’m sorry that is how members act in the Utah bubble where you live. It is the complete opposite here. There are zero occasions of that happening here. Our neighbors think we are great. I feel bad that you have to deal with that in Utah…

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UH, the blessings of independence.

I have never seen persecution of non-members by members as I have lived across the US and several other spots in the world. I lived in Utah too and did not see it there either unless of course delivering baked goods, disaster recovery, inviting to activities and saying good morning is persecution.

Regarding football. I find that the reply booth not overturning one if not both targeting calls was ridiculous at best. There was a hit by a Utah player later in the same game that was the same or worse and no flag was thrown. Purposeful or not, I do not know. Same thing with the facemask. Hard to believe the near perfectly positioned ref did not see that. May our players need to get a few Mexican Soccer acting lessons? Or maybe learn from James Hardin? I dunno but we seem to get a good share of poor officiating.

Officiating was amazingly quite on both sides of the ball in the UCLA game. I noted that early in the game. I don’t know why either but seemed unusual. I liked it though.

yep. Jamaal should have rolled around and squawked like a stuck pig.

Persecution happens a lot on the Internet blogs. I like that because it keeps them busy and out of our hair in the real world.

The PAC 12 is known for overzealous, corrupt officiating, both in football and hoops. Um, recall like 2 or 3 years ago when their head hoops man was fired for putting an organized (officiating) hit on the Arizona basketball coach? The officiating in the Utah game made it almost unwatchable. The facemask (non) call and the replay guy cannot be defended or explained by any other rationale than they wanted an outcome and had a chance to influence it. Any time the refs think they are bigger than the game, they just ruin it. The Oregon/Nebraska game on Saturday had 20 penalties and took about 4 hours. At least 1/2 of the penalties on both teams were so tacky tack that it made you wonder why they just don’t call a penalty on literally every snap (and I was happy with whoever won–I like the Ducks, but I also am a big Mike Riley fan). I loved the refs in the BYU/UCLA game–they let the game be about the players. And yes I DO think that many officials try to influence the outcome of games–if they like a coach who they see all the time, they cut him slack, and, if they don’t like a coach or a team, they call the game differently. Too much anecdotal evidence for me to think it’s any other way.

What you saw with the officiating in the UCLA game as compared to the Utah game was good officiating.

That is how officials are suppose to call the games, as you noted, the PAC-12 officials are TOLD by the conference to be homers…

Mountain West officials are simply incompetent, not biased…

What most people do not know is that there is a pecking order for conference when it comes to officials. Most officials start out in conferences like the Big Sky and move up, Mtn West, is at the bottom, Pac-12 is in the middle, the SEC and Big 12 are at the top.

that is why there are more SEC and Big-12 officials in the NFL than any other conference.

I have lived in six states and has seen it, maybe I am bit more sensitive to it than most because I came from a non LDS family.


  1. Don’t allow you kids to play with non LDS kids because you don’t want that influence around them.
  2. If there is an issue in the neighborhood, always blame the non LDS kids (even though it was LDS kids that did it).
  3. Never socialize with your non LDS neighbors
  4. My personal favorite - Tell them that your church is the only TRUE church and what they believe is wrong.
    Personally, I believe any church that brings a person closer to Christ is good.
  5. when a person joins the church, not friendship him because his family has issues…

I am troubled by the things you have posted about being ostracized because you weren’t lds. I am curious as to which states you lived in and if the issue with members of the church took place in all six states. I have lived in California all my life, except for the time I was at BYU and serving a mission. I have NEVER experienced that. We played with all of the kids in the neighborhood. There were older kids (teens) we didn’t play with but not because they weren’t lds. It was because they used drugs, etc.

Generally I think this is okay, but the fact of the matter is there is only one true church that has the correct doctrine, the authority to perform saving ordinances and to seal families for eternity. Other churches are good but they don’t have those important distinctions.