Taysom Hill, blows up

When a buddy sent this to me, I thought it was a year to date stat and not a SINGLE GAME stat
Taysom Hill makes some history in Saints’ win - Deseret News

WATCH: Taysom Hill recovers a fumble, returns a kick, scores 2 TD’s in first half vs. Seahawks (yahoo.com)

Like I have said before, Taysom Hill may not be a good quarterback, but he is a great football player.

I saw the entire game. Last week Hill only played 6 snaps and had 5 carries. one was for a TD and 3 of the other 4 were for first downs. Hill missed the game before that with a minor rib injury and I think was limited. This week he was fully healthy and his play was as good as his stats. His best play of the game was actually not one of his 4 TDs–it was the block he threw to allow Kamara to convert a 3rd down run that allowed the Saints to run out the clock. A LB tried to fill the hole and Taysom put him on the ground. The color commentary announcer–some former player–was going nuts. It was great.

PS–Jameis Winston was cheering like a mad man–he seems like a good teammate. That team is best with him at QB but only if Taysom gets around 10 touches a game. He is one of the best power backs in the league when he runs, and I bet no power back is faster.

Thanks for the details. Taysom Hill is about the only thing I follow in the NFL. Gotta root for the good guys!

Zach Wilson had a very good day Sunday. He completed 14 of 21 passes with 210
yards and no interceptions. He was shaky the first half of the Pittsburg game but has been money ever since. He is 2-0 as a starter this year.

Hill should be player of the week…sure hope Monday NF is a different week as Chiefs, Kelsey got the Super Hat trick last night. interesting stat, 7 catches-25 yds-4 scores.
Chiefs TE Travis Kelce likens himself to Al Bundy after four-touchdown game (msn.com)

Saw that. Keeps his head screwed on after NY media dissects every inch of your life. Impressive.

Thanks for the update. I did see that the Jet’s next 5 games are going to be tough. GB at Lambeau. After a Packers loss. Lose to 2 NY teams in a row - I don’t think so! But it’s the NFL so you never know.

The NFL is becoming almost unwatchable with the way they blow QB protection with two horrible roughing the passer penalties this past week. This penalty has to be added to the overview of penalties by New York.