Team has Quit on Sitake

Too bad but obvious!

Yeah, my reply was not as succinct as yours, but that’s the take.

I don’t think they have quit on Sitaki. They have quit on both DC and OC coaches. Both coaches are calling bad games. What happened with the run after the 1st quarter? Where’s Brooks? Where’s Hall’s arm? His worst game ever.

I think they quit on the coaches last week, and nothing that was done in the intervening time brought them back.

Maybe not, because Sitake is so lovable. Yes on the DC. And will soon on the OC if he likewise doesn’t come up with solutions.
I don’t remember a BYU going so low in a long time.

The team has definitely quit the coaches. It is time to clean up in house get a new DC get a new OC and keep it out of the family

Well, the schemes were changed. Sitaki was calling the defense. But, the players aren’t doing the basics like tackling and defensive line and hesitation by players. What the coaches can do is establish better practices. The captains also have to step up and hold players accountable.

It’s time to figure out better play calling on offense. Brooks averaged 8.3 yards per run but only had 3 runs. Only 11 total runs. We went away from the run in the second quarter and never came back. That’s bad play calling that we have seen since the win against Baylor. This puts pressure on Hall. He had some bad passes and effort.

I just keep waiting for us as a fanbase to understand that maybe other teams have great athletes and work hard to win as much as the Cougs. Not one loss this year I’ve seen one article or post that gives a single ounce of credit to the other team. Liberty looked like a really tough team to me, they had a great game plan, came from a deficit. I’ve seen the Cougs do that, all is not lost.

really? Liberty is a good team at home, ya happy?

but when BYU does nothing to change its Defensive strategy. No blitzing, few new looks. When you know they are going to run the ball and you still line up 4 and Lbers react rather then get anywhere close to a RB leaking out, play after play. I would say that the coaches are way over their heads and players have quit.

Hall in the fourth quarter after an interception that was robbed by B12 refs is laughing. You say all is not lost when BYU was beat in every tangible stat by a small time school that called this game their super bowl. Van Noy said it best, "Try something, anything.

How about when Liberty is up by 20 in the 4th and BYU has shut it down, why not play Conover, the future, especially when everyone knows that Hall is playing hurt, his throws were WAY OFF the last 5 qtrs.

Anyways, thanks for posting, heavens knows this board needs new blood and perspective.

Every one of BYUs opponents has exceptional coaching and talent, much more than BYU has. Hurray to every single one of them. Please let someone else spend an inordinate amount of time extolling the virtues of every single player and coach on each and every team BYU has played this season. I am just too depressed to do that myself with the dearth of anything and everything with the BYU team.

Not sure what you are talking about.

Most fans on this site have stated in various ways how good an opponent is. Like Baylor this year and even Norte Dame having good talent.

But most of the fans on this site has noticed a big trend in how coaching has been less than stellar with the better talents they have on the team.

Our DC is horrible by any stretch of the imagination. poor tackling, missed assignments, etc.

hate to quote a Utah coach, Kyle Whittingham, but last week he talked about his defensive players having these same issues. his comments “ These issues are on us as coaches, we must teach the players proper fundamental’s of tackling”.

Glad I am in Portland visiting my daughter and her family. Apparently I did not miss much in this game.

The announcers and BYUTV said that the defense had a special tackling session each day. So, why did that not transfer to the game? Because they aren’t working hard enough in practice to make it game like. The evidence is that our players are a step behind and diving for arm tackles.

My concern also lies with the captains of the team. They aren’t helping either. The players talk that they are still the best team and locker room in America. But, they aren’t being physical enough. Very slow to react and reacting improperly. Perhaps the schemes and play calling has gotten so bad the players aren’t responding with effort and enthusiasm. Brooks ran 8.3 yards per carry. But only ran 3 times. Rex caught 2 passes in the first quarter, one for a touchdown. Then no more passes to him.

It’s time to play players who want to play. Our receivers want to play. Our defense doesn’t. Sit them. Make a statement! We seem to be playing like we are pre Madonnas.

Not saying I’m happy about it, just learned that if my emotional state is completely dependent on the ups and downs of college football I’ll drive myself insane. Team looks so motivated it has turned into desperation and frenzy. Psychology of sports is fascinating, I’m no professional, but when I see anyone doing anything in a “fight or flight” mentality as its now being called things start to melt down. After Arkansas, a talent loaded underachieving program put the hurt on the Cougs I could feel the collective we call Cougar Nation sink into despair. I have to ask myself, is the problem Xs and Os or have we become culturally manic in our view of BYU where the highs are immediately translated into dreams of national prominence and the lows are seen as nuclear meltdown? There is more than likely some truth that the coaching staff which early on brought an enthusiasm and positivity which covered up technical flaws but what now? I hear the drumbeat of coaching replacements but to whom? BYU operates under self imposed, and in my view, admirable standards and limitations of just who can coach or play at BYU. With that in mind, who are the new hires that are both able and willing to leave where they are and make Provo home? Next year it’s not Liberty or ECU but from watching yesterday’s OSU/Texas and K State/TCU is it a good time to panic and blow things up because pick wrong now losing seasons may become the norm for the foreseeable future.

I was at Norfolk Virginia with my son and his family having fun time at Butch Garden. Some 200 miles away where the game was located.
Luckily the
Internet service at the park was lousy where I didn’t miss the game.
Sounds like BYU football team quit

Let’s just say that 1-7 Akron, 1-6 UMass, 3-4 Old Dominion, and 3-5 Gardner-Webb gave Liberty a tougher game than the one BYU played.

I would say the players aren’t giving it their all. The question is why. You are just repeating the symptoms. Why are the players rejecting the coaching. They are being taught correct principles of football. They have learned them and perfected them to the college level as we saw last year and early this year. Yes, it’s the coaching. Game day coaching and game plans. Nothing they are doing is going to get most of them to the NFL. So, they are sabotaging the ones that will anyways, the coaches and the fans. Now, it’s not all that are in on this conspiracy. But enough are. And it may not be an organized one. Just players who are infant minded and selfish.

Kind of reminds me of the LA Lakers back when Magic Johnson didn’t like the schemes and things of the head coach. So, he got him fired or he wouldn’t play. The players went through the motions but not the way they should have. I think the players like Sitaki but aren’t happy that the OC and DC schemes aren’t being rejected by Sitaki. Sitaki needs to wake up.

some may be staying up late fretting, if so, it is a sad state to worry about things you have no control over. I finally had a week to watch the game vs. liberty, big mistake on my part. Looking forward to bball season and what Pope dials up with all the new bodies.

to sum up Kyle VanNoy, “I don’t see anyone flyin around Do something, anything”

We have been asking for Tuiaki to be fired for YEARS. Anyone who thinks dropping 8, rushing 3 is fun to watch should move to Ft Collins and cheer for air force and their oh so fun to watch option offense. Not only is this brand of defense putrid but I would love to be a fly on the wall of HS talent choosing between Utah or BYU defenses. Tuiaki is scared spitless or too dumb to implement timely stunts and blitzes. No way would a recruit want to join a boring pathetic defensive scheme like the one we have.

You had a week to watch the game vs Liberty that was played yesterday? You are amazing :thinking:
It’s obvious that players are trying to do things Tuiaki won’t and ending up out of position and not playing team ball. However, it’s more than that. Many have reverted back to pee wee league technique. Why? Why would players on purpose perform completely opposite of how they have been trained at this level? There’s more to it. Where there’s smoke there’s fire.

Whom should BYU turn to if a new head coach is hired? The shelf isn’t, and never has been, bare. As I mentioned in another thread Jay Hill and Jeff Grimes are my two favorite candidates. As mentioned in a BYU press release last summer, “While in the past head coaches throughout BYU Athletics have often been members of the church, it has been a practice but not a policy.” Grimes may not be LDS, but he is very familiar with the BYU culture and I suspect will enforce the honor code better than Gary Crowton and LaVell Edwards were able to.

If you want to keep Sitake but replace the coordinators, Paul Peterson would be a great offensive hire. His Utah Tech team is having a tough time of it this year, but his teams have done some remarkable things in the past. But, BYU should be able to hire exceptional P5 offensive and defensive coordinators, LDS or not.

There is an assumption that LDS coaches are all vying for the BYU jobs, not necessarily true. There are a couple of quality state schools where I live and not a majority but sizeable LDS population. Provo isn’t Mecca to many people who are happy where they are. BYU a great place but it’s not the only place. I think we’re panicking to a large degree. The entire landscape changes with move to Big 12, there will be growing pains no matter who is coaching. I’m not really a patient fan to be sure but it will take time to adapt to the new environment and I think it will happen naturally without knee jerking and cleaning house. Took Utah a decade to become a real force in PAC 12, good measuring stick for how BYU will progress.