Ten takeaways from the Cinn game

Where are you Larimer…this is your baby.

Hill still can’t make a throw.

what would William’s year look like had he played with a good passing QB Mangum?

Our Oline wore Cinn out. That last drive was a thing of beauty.

Tommy Tuberville will lose his job for taking a knee the last 90 seconds of the game…and then cursing out a fan

Receivers are better then we think, they just need a ball thrown in their hemisphere.

Where are our TEs?

The D is still winning games. Kaufusi gets a big sack and Langi plays big after he say’s he sucks

Cinn is amazed at BYU’s huge travel crowd. They can’t believe that a 4-4 team would draw so much support.

I’m out, most boring game of the year…so much for all the hype about Cinn’s unbeaten record since 2002 at their house, so much for any of the little 10 candidate matchups, Cinn can’t passs, they can’t run and you can only paint a pig so many ways, in the end, they are still are a pig.

And just another game to be played and won so that we can go to just another bowl game. And by going to the bowl game we will have tons of top-notch recruits banging on the BYU doors to beg for scholarships. I almost fell asleep a couple of times during the first half and I don’t ever remember having that happen previously.

I know, I know. All of what I am seeing defies reality. BYU with a 4-4 record, now 4-5 should not be having a big fan travel event. Must be some good food in Cincinnati. We have got to be in a conference. The little 10 has fallen so hard these past few weeks, they almost have to reevaluate growing to 12 teams.

I love the running game. I love watching JWill run. I love seeing Hill run zone read for 4 yards on 3rd and 3. He is good at that. I love Squally’s enthusiasm (bummer he broke his wrist). But I’m sick of watching Taysom Hill’s terrible passing and hearing it blamed on everything BUT his terrible passing. I have never posted on cougarboard, and rarely even look at it, but I happened to check it this morning and saw a post with a video clip showing every one of Hill’s passes vs Cincy. Here is what I saw:
10 of 25 passes on target–ONE over 10 yards in the air, and zero over 15.
4 dangerous potential pick six passes to the flat, 3 that I’d rate “extremely bad judgment” to even throw the ball.
7 passes behind receivers
4 long balls: underthrown by 10 yards for a pick, underthrown by 10 yards for a comeback diving catch, underthrown post where #80 had his guy beaten for a TD if the ball is thrown into the middle of the end zone instead of the receiver needing to dive inside on the 3, and a long ball to Kurtz (1:30 remaining in the third) where Kurtz had his guy beaten, and if Hill throws it inside, it’s a long gain, but he throws it outside, and the DB knocks it away.

Before this game, after Hill fell to the bottom of YPA and rating, I didn’t think it could get worse. Somehow this looked even worse live. And looking at the 25 passes again on one clip, it looks even worse. But he will be a great stockbroker. Yuk.

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Kalani said this was his kind of excitement. But if we had a QB who could pass the ball, we beat Cincy by 50. That is more exciting.

one can only imagine what this year would have looked like with a Tanner M at the helm.

SUU will come, collect their pay check and we will all feel warm and fuzzy.

I have concerns about Kalani and O staff but it may just be that it is their first year and the personnel they have. I still withhold serious judgement until most of the way through the 2018 season. I will say, however, that if forced to predict, we will remain where we have been for the past 7 years, including this one. Which is, playing out the string and going to a hohum bowl game.:weary:

My view is much more optimistic. Kalani is far and away a better recruiter then Bronco. Detmer will get the guys he needs at QB and receiving and Lamb put plenty of players in the NFL a little ol SUU. To me that adds up to a offense that catches up with the defense and makes BYU a contender.

What will continue to slow BYU down is that we have to play teams with an unfair home advantage, bias reffing, and we have to play crappy teams in Nov. and makes BYU obsolete as far as the national conversation goes.

I agree with you about Kalani and Ty. I’m very excited to see the caliber of athletes they are able to recruit. The days of a bunch of gritty slow guys are over. I love seeing young fast guys like Lake, McChesney, Hifo, Warner etc on the field (no way Bronco plays all those young guys–no way). I have also been very impressed with Ty’s play calling. Ty will recruit. He will recruit TOP SHELF dudes to play WR and QB. That said, I am so frustrated to think that Ty can stomach rolling out arguably the worst passer in D1, when he has Mangum standing next to him. A former Heisman QB has to just want to throw up watching his team be unable to complete 10 yard slants without circus catches (Pearson and Juergens in particular have made several AWESOME catches this year on TERRIBLE throws). Ty said Hill and Tanner were so close he couldn’t even name a starter until days before the first game. Then our O was terrible vs a very VERY bad Arizona team. Then you roll out Hill vs Utah and he just gets his teeth kicked in. I’m still shaking my head how we didn’t make a change at half–if not before–in that game. I would blame Ty for playing Hill over Mangum, but I think they promised Hill the job if he would come back, and they simply can’t go back on the deal. There is no way even Ty could have thought that Hill could no longer outrun Def Ends and OLB or that he would arguably be the single worst passer in all of D1. But I’m SUPER optimistic going forward. I think both Ty and Kalani are SUPER smart and that recruits (and recruits’ parents) will absolutely LOVE both of them.

I agree with you on all points. I also think that recruits will respect the coaching staff for being loyal to Taysom. We lost 2-3 more games than we would have with Tanner but the coaches are probably creating an environment in the program that will pay off down the road. I’m as high as ever on the program and its direction.

While Taysom’s performance hasn’t been what I expected it to be I don’t get this speculation about what the record would be with Tanner at QB, That is something we will never know. Tanner didn’t set the world on fire last year against P5 teams. The proof is in the record and stats. That said Tanner showed enough last year to indicate he could be a special player. Whether he would have been this year is anybody’s guess. Apparently Detmer thought Hill was the better choice. Apparently a lot of people think Detmer didn’t make the right choice. I am not willing to go there.

Apparently Detmer didn’t even give Tanner a chance, not even a chance, even though Hill has stunk the joint up with his passing (eye roll). Oh well, who cares, we are tearing up the world this year (as we do every year).

TLARIMER: “There is no way even Ty could have thought that Hill could no longer outrun Def Ends and OLB or that he would arguably be the single worst passer in all of D1.”

ME: Really? Seems like Ty did NOT know. And he is a great coach? And I am just WONDERING with this post. I will reserve final judgement for mid-November 2018.

Tlarimer…thanks for the link. The video was not very pretty. I believe every QB we have played against has been more accurate. Imagine if balls were not under thrown and receivers were hit in stride. Totally different look on this year.

This is why I keep saying I’m VERY confident we are AT LEAST 7-2 had Tanner played QB. People ask how I could know he would have been better…well, I don’t know for sure. But I find it impossible to believe that with his natural ability and his outlandishly great freshman season, he would be worse than the 115th ranked QB out of 123. Even a TINY bit better and we are 7-2. If he were a lot better, we could easily be 9-0. And that is no stretch. Three of our 4 losses were simply because our offense absolutely stunk, and the other was courtesy of a terrible, awful pick 6 by Hill followed by a terrible, awful pick into traffic when we were in game tying FG range.

That video, by the way, was against a pretty lousy Cincy D. Now, consider this: 70 of our paltry 130 passing yards were on a great catch by Trinnaman on a horribly thrown ball, a superb catch by Pearson on a badly thrown ball, and a 12 yard catch by Juergens that I can still barely believe on a ball thrown too hard, behind him and into the ground that he somehow reached back to catch. Take away those 3 circus catches and your QB is 12-22 for 60 yards. Seriously…

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What I am hearing is Tanner is having problems reading defenses. If this is true that is why we are not seeing him. Could be!

if that is true then we are in double trouble.

any sources?

I forget where I read it. Was just a few days ago and made sense to me as I don’t think the coaches are stupid and not playing the players that give them the best chance of winning. I don’ t post often I mainly read. Learned long ago I can learn more when my mouth is shut.

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I hear you. This is surprising to me because I did not see Mangum having any problems outside of the first quarter in the Utah game reading defenses.