Texas Southern score

I am not sure what to predict for the game today.
running through the various statistical models I would put the game at 88-68.
But then BYU just beat up an average (if that) P12 Utah by 82-64 and except for about 5 minutes of the game handled SDSU a top 20 or better squad.

Emotionally I want to predict the best outcome of the year with BYU’s rotation basically figured out now with a 100+ offense and TSU doesn’t have the offense of SDSU let alone Utah so 50 something…but is it realistic for this to be a blowout of such proportions? BYU’s defense didn’t even hold Westminster to 50…admittedly it is much better now.

losing Nickolas seems to have hurt them. probably knocked them out of being the favorites in the SWAC and down into a tier 2 level win if that for the Cougs.

It looks like it will be a nice Christmas present scrimmage

You do the same thing like in football. We beat a good team so automatically that team becomes a poor team. Maybe, just maybe, we just beat a good team making us better. Why does BYU have to be lowered when beating a good team? You guys do it all the time.

So BYU is predicted to win 80-65 by Vegas and you say we will hit 88 points and a 20 point spread instead of the 15. That is pretty lofty but I like it.

I will say we hit over 80 for the game. 64 for Tx So.

Looking at their schedule and scores they appear to be a team that could be competitive. They beat Wyoming on the road. All but one of their games were road games. They lost by just under 20 to Auburn and Oklahoma St. They apparently lost a key player so who knows how much that affects them. They don’t appear to be some pushover that BYU can just go out and beat by 50 like they did Westminster.

As usual, you missed the point of Harold’s concerns…

Beating a very good SDSU team, then playing down to a STU team (albeit a good team) has disadvantages engrained in the game… It like when we Beat Nationally ranked Gonzaga at their place, only to lose to Portland the following week (2015-2016).

Was Portland better than us? No, but after beating Zag at their house, the letdown was apparent in the Portland game.

I think with Texas Southern, they seem to be a decent team, but I am wondering if the win over SDSU will affect them (like I pointed out in 2015-2016 season).

It is a game BYU should win at home but I could see them struggling some if they aren’t focused. I also looked at Weber’s schedule and results to date and they aren’t as bad as I thought they were. It won’t be a game where BYU just shows up and can run them off the floor like they did Westminster. Weber only lost to Boise by 11 on the road and they have a 3 and 2 record.

As usual you missed the point. It’s quite common that the team we beat who was supposed to be good to great no longer is after we beat them. Why? And therefore we aren’t so good. I get tired of that illogical thinking. Circular at best.

Sometimes it’s the truth that the team we beat isn’t as good as we thought it was. It turns out Boise in football wasn’t as big a win as we thought. I watched San Jose St. hammer them with their first string QB playing. It wasn’t 51-17 like BYU’s win but the San Jose win over Boise was decisive enough to make me question how big of a deal it was beating them this year when they played a 3rd string QB most of the game. It was a good win but maybe not as good of a win as we thought it was.

I think beating SDSU on the road was a big deal but until toward the end of the season we never really know how big a deal a win is.

It is also sometimes true that a win that doesn’t seem like a big deal turns out to be a better win than we thought. It cuts both ways.

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Floyd, why did you have to go and bring up that Portland game? I wrote about it in a post last week (writing about the officiating and how Ty Haws was getting held, scratched, grabbed on every possession) and was just getting over memory and now you have to go and dredge it up again…

All it meant is SJ was very good this year. So was Boise. SJ was better. And it certainly doesn’t mean BYU isn’t as good as thought. That’s my point.

TS may be better than you think-+8

No because if we beat them, they won’t be that good and we won’t be that good, right? Isn’t that the prevailing logic in here right now :slight_smile:

I’m just satisfied that we keep getting better. This team has so many new faces-I believe they have done well for themselves-if they win their next 2 games they will have exceeded all my expectations

Stop already… I think everyone gets your point.

What’s my point? :thinking:
Won tonight. Must mean TXSO is a lousy team and we aren’t very good :nerd_face:
Less turnovers tonight. Free throws went down. Assists were real good. Lost on the rebounds. Have to block out better. Lohner is a real puzzle. Shot well in high school and bricks everything. Johnson had an off night. BA came through. Haarms and Haward has good games.

Your point is that you think BYU deserves more credit than they are getting. The perception is that they started the season trying to find their footing and they weren’t a very good team. But most people here believe that Pope is a great coach and he would make them better. That seems to be what is happening. He is building their confidence and at this level that is a huge thing.

So if I were you I would just stop beating the dead horse and start focusing on how they are improving. Averette had 30 points tonight. I think that is good because he had struggled to find himself until the last couple games. Lohner is a freshman, not a puzzle. The players that should be expected to lead the team are doing it. Everything looks good right now but we also know that BYU has a tendency to have “funk” games where nothing they do makes sense. It is a mental thing that has afflicted all BYU sports teams over the years. The football team did it against CC. The basketball team did it against BSU. It will happen again once or twice during the season.

In the meantime, enjoy the games and stop with the OCD on BYU’s wins and losses and how that relates to the teams they play.

As long as I don’t read the circular reasoning downplaying BYU and their opponents :sunglasses:

and 87-71 means I was off by 1 point for the Cougs and one three point shot for TSU…wish I could come close to that regularly…sad thing is that was just extrapolating from stats…not even knowing a thing about the teams…knowledge can be painful The vegas spread of 15 was closer than my 20 though…

What about the bowl game today?
BYU 55. UFC 28

I’m glad you brought that up, BYU used to have a lot of funk games (bball). Pope has yet to show that tendency. I went on to say after I dropped the, “SDSU is over rated…I would not be surprised to see BSU win the Mtn or even USU could do it.” Long teams at guard tend to give BYU a lot of challenges.

Averette deserves all the credit tonight, he was on fire and had only 1 turnover. Lohner is not progressing to put it simply. in 17 minutes he lead the team in turnovers, fouls and BRICKS. Harding looks like a quiet night on paper until you see his 5 assists. And of course, Barcello is playing like a Pro. Could he play in the NBA, I would like to see him and his 3% says he has a chance but IDK.

BYU let Tx So… kill us on the boards 45-26 so how come the game was not closer? TxS. turned the ball over 18 times, to our 12. They also made 2-16 from long range to our 11-29 but the big difference was BYU’s assist ratio. We had our best game of the year with 26 assists and big congrats to Barcello for his first double double as a Coug.