Thank goodness for the honesty of scientific research

So what is a person to make of this?

I have watched a lot of news the last several weeks and listened to a lot of politicians making comments on those news programs. As a result I have come to the determination that they are almost all liars and evil people. Even the conservative media distort the truth to further their agenda.

I cannot believe anything I watch on the news or hear come from a politicians mouth anymore.

It is good that Lancet caught it and publicized it but scientific research is rife with dishonesty, especially where money comes into play. I would not trust the research of universities unless the original research was TRULY double-blind and very specifically replicated 5 or 6 times. As a scientist, I have some knowledge of this sorry state of affairs.

Of course the title of my post and thread here was overly sarcastic. If you have read some of my other posts you know my perspective on things generally. When it seems like most of the “science” taking place out there is done through manipulation with a pre-disposed agenda it is very difficult to rely on it to be truth. I am not saying this to denigrate everything, just pointing it out to help keep perspective and to help others question what they read and watch.

What exactly did you hear and see coming from conservative media and opinion commentators?
I did not hear conservatives going with the hydroxochloriquine statements by liberal politicians and doctors that it didn’t work? Quite the contrary.

:+1: JCoug: " . . . just pointing it out to help keep perspective and to help others question what they read and watch." Me: Amen bro.

You know, I was chastised by Grasshopper and others for saying this… Because I do not believe any media, mostly because they spin their points as truth, when simple research shows otherwise.

Although I do like some on FoxNews (Baier) because so far I have not found any evidence of what political party he leans towards. He is truly, in my opinion, Fair and Balanced.

Just curious, are you a capitalist or a socialist?

Because EVERYTHING in capitalism spins around making money. If you are in business, or work for a business, then your main motive is making money…

What science are you in? Just curious, because my daughter works for Huntsman Cancer Institute. She oversee clinical trials for different drugs (yes, the Pharma company is spending millions to produce a drug to make billions).

According to her, the Pharma companies has the same drug trials all over the world, because genetics has an important role in how a drug works. What works for Asians, may not work for Africans or Caucasians and visa versa.

She also mentioned that in order to truly know the affects of a drug, they must be able to duplicate the results from different tests across the spectrum.

When I read Jcoug’s article, the first paragraph said basically the same thing, that they pulled the reports because they could not duplicate the same results. That is one of the reasons I do not believe in the Plandemic video… the results can not be duplicated.

Just a word of warning, because people cannot see the tone of your words, it may not come across as sarcastic. Especially in these times of higher fear from this virus and the idiots running loose in the streets.

I will admit, I am one that does not always pick up on sarcasm…

I think having true journalist is important as long as they don’t slant their reporting and are balanced reporting both sides of issues. Which brings up another point. You don’t know everything about facts to say opinion commentators don’t have value in the various situations we deal with. Case in point, without Hannity, Limbaugh and others on the right, you would have never known about the facts in the Russian hoax and have Rosenstein admit last week it was all a set up to take out Trump. And, many other things as well. And they don’t emotionally make their comments. They always give references and build their case.
As for the left, they are completely ideologically driven and respond emotionally without facts or building a case. That was shown in both the Russian hoax and the impeachment hoax. I listen to them anyways to know what their endrun is all about. These are things you aren’t smart enough to do on your own and neither am I. Why do you think free speech is so important? You have to be able to argue both side of an issue to really understand for yourself what is right. Like a lawyer does. It takes 2 hands to clap.

Why Floyd, you know that I am the original socialist and communist. I am well over 100 years old and I am a basket weaver. I do realize that the world revolves around what your daughter says. You have just torn me a new one, I am in shreds and tatters.

I never said anything you mentioned, I ask the question about being capitalist because of lot of your posts talks about the corruption of research because of $$$$… Well corporation are in the business of making money… Which drives all their decisions.

I believe you also have to look at what types of research can be slanted because of “Who” is funding it. Global warming is a prime example of it.

When it comes to medications being developed and the process they use, Yes, I sure as hell will believe my daughter over someone who has no experience in the field. I am actually talking about the steps they ensure happens to come up with the pros and cons of any medication.

Now if you are talking about research into the Virus and how it works, I could see looking again at who was funding the research.

But you know Arkie, here is real problem, NO ONE WANTS TO TALK about issues from either side. Everyone is so dam entrenched in their belief systems that they can not fathom in their narrow mind that a different point of view exist.

Instead they revert to sarcastic remarks and put downs…

Thanks for verify my belief system.

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So you agree with the premise that scientific research can be biased or slanted?

This is how I feel you have responded to my ideas about “scientific” research and some other things.

There are so many possibilities for methods, solutions, potential remedies and cures to take care of the multitude of problems that have been created over the history of the world. We live in a time where some of the simple, less expensive solutions and ideas “don’t work” or “do not pass the trial tests” or other excuses for pushing the agenda of big pharma, big government and other entities set on chasing money and fame. Those two are not independent in the scenario I am speaking to, money and fame.

Have you heard of any natural remedies that treat disease? Have you heard of ozone therapy? Why are those things not allowed in this country? Why are they shut down or made illegal? Why are people threatened or put in jail for using them or wanting to help people instead of “making money”? The reason you don’t believe the plandemic video is because you have already bought into your belief and perspective and you have a daughter that works in cancer research. Isn’t it true that more people die from the methods/drugs of cancer treatment than from the actual disease itself? Isn’t it also true that more people die from the plethora of drugs they take for whatever ailment they have than actually die from the “ailment” itself?

Yet somehow all of these drugs that we see advertised incessantly and all of these drug/big pharma/government solutions appear just as damaging as they are helpful. Why? because money and fame are the motivating factors. Helping people is only a hopeful side note.

It is no different than in health insurance, auto insurance and my personal favorite, the oil industry… which makes billions in profits while shutting down advances in fuel economy and technology in order to maintain those big profits. It’s all corrupt in some way, to deny that is irresponsible.

Lastly, tell me why someone has to be either a capitalist or a socialist? Is it possible to be neither one? I am all for people who work hard to provide a comfortable life for themselves and family. Unfortunately capitalism has become a greedy and selfish endeavor, not a lot different than socialism, which pretends to take care of the poor masses while making themselves (the elite) wealthy and powerful. Neither belief system is rooted in any of the teachings of Jesus Christ, which is where this country really needs to look for relief.

Capitalism revolves around money? That’s your definition? Socialism does too. Marxism doesn’t too. Communism and fascism does too.

In a Constitutional Republic like ours allows us the right to pursue property includes money, land, gold your car and everything else of monetary a capitalist system we have the right to own our own capital. Whether it’s of great value or small does not matter. It’s the right to own the property.

I have 2 PhDs in the biomedical fields, so I do know something about biomedical research, having done considerable such research myself. Probably not enough credentials though.

I expressed my belief about research and you attacked not only me, but my daughter.
You are free to believe how you want, that is okay with me. Personally, I am not into the conspiracy theories of a lot of people from both sides of the isle.

This I can agree with, for example, my wife drinks one glass of apple vinegar water. It has been proven over time (grandma’s remedy) that it helps detox’s your system in a positive way. But you will never hear the medical experts tell you that.

Which medical experts? I know several doctors who are wholistic.

Well, you have attacked others who don’t agree with conclusions of the science involved. Others see a bigger picture involved with what goes on based on facts they see going on. I’m sure you see the social movements going on right now as an exercise in free speech. Others understand the actors in that movement and see it as a real threat to the 1st and 2nd amendments. In fact, some see this BLM movement as an attempt to undermine the Constitution and replace it with tyranny.

I have to deny this accusation completely. I never did that. There is truth to your belief about research, I only commented on the motivation behind it… which is, more often than not, an end that justifies the means. In other words, what they want to “discover” or “prove” is the ends and they will do whatever research they need to in order to accomplish that. This is one reason there are so many dangerous drugs with life threatening side effects in the market.

I don’t think government has any interest in helping people be healthy, the consequences of not doing so has become big business. Just like prisons, if a plan really worked it would do away with the business of “solving” the problem.

How many times did Edison try to make the light bulb? 1,000 times? Should he have quit after the first failure? I want a million people looking for the cure of COVID19, cancer, ALS, MS…