Thank You Jamaal Williams--You Gave us 100% Every Down

I hope we all appreciate the effort, passion, joy, and pure love of the game that Jamaal showed on every down for 4 years. We should also be mindful of the fact that, after he withdrew from school, he could simply have declared and would now be on an NFL roster; at the very least, he was eligible to transfer to a Final Four contender. Instead he stayed loyal to BYU, to his teammates, and to every one of us. VERY FEW players can look their teammates in the eye and say that they honestly gave those teammates EVERYTHING they could on EVERY down in a single game, much less for a career. That is why I love Jamaal Williams–he personifies everything that is great about football. Thank you JSwag.


Nice post! I do appreciate Jamaal for all the things you mentioned but also for coming to an LDS culture and having an open mind about things. There are many players who would not have embraced the program and the university the way he did. I also appreciate Jamaal’s willingness to play in our bowl game versus guys like Christian McCaffrey who are sitting out their bowl games to prep for the NFL tryouts.

I want to second this motion! I’ve said for years now that our member players should be keeping their contracts with BYU and play all 4 years. And, here we have a legit running back, not LDS, show us it can be done! Well done Jamaal!

Ya, I think players that aren’t loyal to their schools and to their teammates should not be allowed to tryout. If they don’t get picked, then use their degrees if they have one. If I were an owner, I’d be picking only players who understand teamwork and will not put themselves above the team.

JW was a fun player to watch and well respected young man. Thank you Jamal for staying all your time at the Y!

I too noticed some players choose not to play in the bowl game when they want to focus about their NFL Future. You think those fans and alumni’s has something to say about that? I would not come to watch any of those games if some great players chose to sit, my cable subscription would be cut off. How about Minnesota Gophers players boycotting the Holiday Bowl if their 10 players don’t play because of the scandal. I know, they are going to play that game and still that turns me off.

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Jamaal had every reason to quit at BYU and move on. That he stayed is a testament to his character and drive. Also I think you have to give plaudits to his Mother. She was a vociferous fan of BYU and in my mind, a great Mother to Jamaal, whom I’m sure is a prominent reason that Jaamal Williams is the man he is.

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Right on Sr Burton. Jamall and his Mother are two class acts. GO SWAG DADDY! See you at the next level.

dew: Think about Baylor too. They should be given the death penalty. But their school, the Little 10 and the NCAA protect them, the rapist team. I hope that it all comes out in those civil cases and I hope that the same thing happens in the Minn. cases. Double standard for P-5 teams.

I totally agree with you Burton… On Williams and his mom.

Thanks Jaamal,

I love you too Jaamal and will always remember the total effort that you game for your team, the Cougars.

Ron Uharriet

Hang in there Jamaal, I hope you get drafted on Saturday. You and your Mom are the best. Congratulations on graduating from BYU. Love, Tex Coug

Too bad the failed to show the pick and profile of Jamaal Williams by Green Bay. Are these clowns anti-BYU or what? I hope that the local media in Utah can show us the pick and Jamaal and his family and the Packers selection of Jamaal on TV.

I am glad that Jamal was selected by an organization that is solid and does things the right way. I’m sure he will get every opportunity to show what he can do.

I am more of a Packers fan than I was before today. Good for him.

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I agree, Jim!

BYU only had Jamal drafted this year. I am sure Utah will be happy to flaunt the fact they had 8 players drafted. Well, good for them. I suppose if you had to choose between being drafted in the 6-7th rounds and signing as a free-agent, maybe you would choose the free-agent route everytime. So Jamal is going to the Packers and Taysom Hill signed as an undrafted free-agent with the Packers as well. Harvey Langi signed as an UDFA with the Patriots. Sae Tautu signed as an UDFA with New Orleans. Algie Brown signed as an UDFA with the Seattle Seahawks. Kai Nacua signed as an UDFA with the Cleveland Browns. So, the final count for BYU is one drafted player and 5 UDFA players. Not too bad! I hope Travis Tuiloma can get healthy and try out for a team as well.

The Utes are in the PAC 12. So they get more money and many more good players. After watching the Draft on ESPN and I was glad to see Swag Daddy on from local telecasts. I am real happy for JAMAAL and the five or so other Cougars who signed UDFA contracts. I agree with JIM H. on Jamaal going to Green Bay. It will be good for him and Taysom to play on the same team. As BYU and Kilani’s coaching staff gets more good players there will be more BYU NFL draftees in the future and at higher positions in future drafts. BYU being shutout by P-5 conferences hurts our players chances of getting drafted. After watching most of the three days of this year’s NFL draft on TV and seeing some good players getting drafted in the middle and later rounds coming from FCS conferences and even the MWC and Division II, etc. I am more impressed that BYU needs to play in a conference, whether it be the P-5 level, the AAC or even in the FCS with a conference like the Big Sky if the ESPN money drops or drys up in the future. Our AD is doing all he can to schedule BYU with P-5 teams and other good G-5 teams. But I am not sure how long fans will put up with lesser teams coming to Provo for return games, especially in the later part of the season.

I hate the Packers! Go Bears!

I agree with you and share your concerns. Two years ago, BYU could probably have renegotiated their contract with ESPN for a lot more money. However, the way ESPN has lost subscriptions lately has created a real financial strain. It hasn’t helped that the P5 conferences have been demanding much higher payouts. How much can college sports keep demanding before they kill their golden goose. Cable companies have increased their rates to where consumers have started pushing back. Many are content to just get the internet and then subscribe to Roku or some similar services that allow them to watch what they want on demand. ESPN is starting to change its business model. Cable companies are starting to see customers cut their service because rates are just too high. The financial bubble maybe starting to burst or at least top out for college sports. We’ll see where it all falls in the next few years. As for BYU, I’d prefer to be in a conference again. I think it will happen within the next 5 years. It may not be in a P5 conference. The MWC would be a decent choice were it not for the bad blood between the commissioner and BYU. I would be all for reforming a MWC. It would be nice to have Utah State, UNLV, Air Force, Fresno, Hawaii, Colorado State, San Diego State, and maybe adding some new teams from the West coast like UC Davis or SJSU, Eastern Washington, maybe an Oregon school.

SG: If you ever lived in NFC North country like I did for over thirty years you would respect all of those teams. I go back to Fran Tarkantan and Bud Grant with the powerful Vikings, to Jim MacMann and de’ Barrs to the Packers and Brett Farve and Rodgers. Even when I was a kid I followed the Cleveland Browns with Jim Brown and Ottto Graham and the Lions were intriguing in the 1960’s. Yes, I am an old fa*t, but I root for any teams with former BYU Cougars. Remember Virgil Carter with the Chicago Fire. Currently I also like the Baltimore Ravens with the older Kaufisi and Dennis Pitta and I believe some other former Cougars. To me football is BYU college ball and wherever there are former Cougars. Hey there KC with Andy Reid and Sorensen, NO and our BYU guy, the Patriots with KVN and Harvey Launga, and wherever the Cougs are-,i.e. Green Bay with Jamaal and Taysom. Go Cougs.

Go Bears! Go Jamaal and Hill! Down with Green Bay! :laughing: