That was really hard to watch

No effort at all. Especially on defense. Players standing around watching on rebounding. Guards trailing players instead of staying in front. Slow to react. Offensively, standing around. No motion at all.
UVU had a great motion offense and crisp passing to wide open shooters and big men. Yes they were hot shooting 3’s. But our effort was poor. Haws looked like he had the runs or something. Emery might as well try to score on every play because no one else could. Mika was missing shots underneath too. Childs looked lost. Davis, yuk!
A couple of years ago I said Neilsen could be really good. Yep!

Jim was right to wait a few games before jumping on the bandwagon. Isaac Neilson was told he wouldn’t be getting much playing time so he transferred to UVU. Look who got the last laugh. Arghh!!! What a disheartening loss.

Did you also notice the bulk Neilsen put on? Why doesn’t our bigs put on more bulk?
Pope has his players working hard. They ran their offense like we did the first 4 games. Now we are slow and predictable.
Our defense is terrible. Wide open shots. All those missed shots that we stood around waiting for someone else to rebound it while UVU fought hard for the ball. No effort. Hope the football team doesn’t come out like this. Is there something in the air in Provo?

Lazy recruiting, maybe next year, right?

So, if we have the talent, what’s wrong?

How did you feel about Trump winning?

You could see lack of effort especially on defense. That always translates to bad offense. I’ll say coaching…

Maybe they should hire Pope:)

impeccable timing Black… where have you been all this time?

All I can say is “I told everyone so”…

I said two years ago they needed to play Nielsen more but everyone said “good riddance”.

No worries though, the LP3 and their mythical high school championship will take BYU to the promised land. :laughing:

Seriously though, isn’t it time we just quit talking about “lone peak high school”?

This game is the result of many years of choices and decisions made by the coaching staff and athletic department. It is the result of thinking you know it all, that it’s okay to win 25 games and still not be a very good team. It is the result of believing in mythical championships, fairies and gnomes. It is the result of arrogance and nose in the air superiority.

The reality is that BYU is NEVER as good as they, or their fans generally, think they are. I have no idea where it comes from… so where is the humility? or the desire and work ethic to be the best you can be? Where is the chemistry and team unity? Where was Elijah Bryant? So many said he shouldn’t be playing…

There are so many things that need to be discussed and talked about but it isn’t easy pointing out things that are wrong to those who live in a bubble…

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The emperor isn’t wearing any clothes… I tried to tell everyone.

I thought Rose hired the lone peak coach to beef up the defense… 114 points? vs. a junior college?

I am really hoping to hear from chris, harold and some others. I want to know what they think now.

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growing pains. Emery scores 37, he has been here 1 year. Others, this is their 5th D1 game. If something like this happened at the end of the season, I would act like you and say the sky is falling.

If Emery would pick his decisions to force drives and shots better then he would be seen less ball hogging and more team playing. The first 4 games the guys played more as a team. They passed the ball around more and quicker. Much like what UVU was doing today.
Coach needs to reign in the distance of the 3 shot. No more 35 footers. Bench players who won’t play as a team and do selfish things.
With that said, anyone who actually watched the game would know UVU played a great game. Their passing and play making was excellent. And their 3 point shooting was excellent compared to BYU’s dismal percentage. Their hustle on the boards was excellent while BYU just stood around watching the ball fall to the floor and then slowly going after the ball. Embarrassing!
Where was Bryant? We needed some hustlers out there today. Neilsen made his former team look lazy. And did you notice how Pope’s players work out and have bulked up like Neilsen. If he was at BYU still he would probably still be a string bean. Haws, Mika and others, hit the weight room and eat something!

Elijah Bryant didn’t suit up for some reason. I can only assume he is not physically ready to play due to a setback with his knee surgery.

Rose coached team=no defense.

That was worse than hard to watch - it was quite embarrassing.

  1. The defensive effort was humiliating. There was soooo much laziness in effort it was almost beyond belief. Davis and Childs in particular played as if they were constantly counting on someone else to do something, but it was an overall team effort.

  2. Besides the poor effort, Rose’s defense skeem is (and always has been) extremely porous. Wing are a constant source of trouble, the baseline is likewise constantly surrendered, and driving seams are easily taken advantage of. Now, I realize the very weak effort by the players yesterday made it look even worse, but it is not a well designed defense and appears to totally break down the minute when man gets beat - and with the slow lateral footwork of our guys, that’s almost a given each time down the court. Do these guys just not have what it takes to stay in front of even slower players? To me it seems more like a lack of effort and desire than inability. Playing good defense always takes an all out effort, and outside of a few spurts (and not at all last night) BYU players have shown a complete distain for hustle and effort on that side of the ball.

  3. Haws is becoming a worry. His stamina is severely lacking and even though some of this may be from mission rust, he just doesn’t have enough muscle on him to compete consistently ON BOTH ENDS of the court right now. Rose is starting to realize it and subbing him out more and more, but he is a definite weak point, particular on D, when he’s in.

  4. Davis is a true puzzle. Some nights he comes to play, on others he does a disappearing act. Why would a coach be content to accept that from a senior - either you come to play every game and give it all you have, or get off the court.

  5. Does Rose ever teach blocking out? Most of his players never do and it’s sickening to watch. Guys just cut inside of them when the ball goes up with little effort at all and our guys just stand there watching. Mika may be the exception and possible Emery, but most of the rest “hustle” for rebounds like they have glue on their shoes. That is 100% effort and I blame that on coaching.

  6. Not being willing to work for good open looks, inside or outside, is again a matter of discipline and desire. Chucking up floating three’s won’t get it done, yet our guys do it all the time. It’s hard to watch.

  7. And lastly, playing really dumb and making junior high mistakes has got to stop. There are so many un-thought out passes and drives that you can’t help but scream at the screen. That, again, reflects coaching as much as just poor play.

Really disappointed at the performance because I do believe they have talent, but it’s so un-disciplined and un-inspired right now that watching them is almost a chore. Whoever is coaching the D really needs to get his rear in gear or be replaced. And Rose needs to find a way to motivate these guys to stop thinking they’re great and actually realize you have to play hard to become great. And the players each need to look in the mirror and say “is it me” that’s the problem, because honestly, it is virtually all of them.

Watched the 1st half of the Valpo game. Our guys have the ability. We defended well. Played team ball. In some ways you have to have a game or two like this UVU to become teachable

You may be right. These guys may have to be really humbled to understand this isn’t high school any more and a new and higher effort will be required.

Agreed with everything you say.

It’s been a rough year, needed some time off from all things non essential to take care of my sons.

What’s wrong with your sons? Born conservative and you had to put them in a brainwashing FEMA camp :slight_smile:

No really, I hope they are okay…