The athletic on BYU BB Season

has a nice breakdown of the BYU season
Before it leaves the WCC, BYU plans to go out with a bang – The Athletic
Final report
College basketball has proven again and again to belong to the old guys. They win the games and the championships. Even in a year stocked with super seniors, BYU is near ancient. That experience ought to manifest itself into yet another stellar season for Pope & Company.
Can it turn into a realization of Pope’s dream — a spot in the WCC record books as champions? It would be foolish to predict such a thing, what with the largesse of talent assembled in Spokane. But Gonzaga is considerably younger . This could at least, as promised at the top, be interesting.

As long as Gonzaga signs the #1 recruiting class every year, they will not be beat, Coach Few is too good a coach.
We could beat them at our house but that is it

I root for GU in every game except vs BYU. Few is a national treasure and I can’t even say how much I admire him. I’ve never met him but have friends who work with him each season and tell me he is the classiest guy around and a big time friend of BYU.

And Tommy Lloyd was a personal tie to the team…can I really root for AZ?

fondest desire, ASU, Colorado, and usc or ucla to the B12…BYU Utah ASU Arizona Colorado CSU NM, NMSU should play each other more regularly but in today’s audience driven decision making never likely to happen.