The blame game rears up again

Oh yeah, the blame game. But with last year and now this year we seem to blame only one person. After last year, it was all on Detmer. If only he was gone everything would be rosy again. Well, Ty got his walking papers. Now, in 2018, Mangum is the one rotten apple spoiling the whole barrel of apples. The game I saw last night reminded me of many of the losses from 2017. While Mangum has shortcomings, he certainly is not the only problem on this team. One of the major problems is that overall, our talent is not as good as many of the teams we will face this year. Another problems last night was that for some long stretches, the play calling was suspect, on both sides of the ball. Yes, I know, I know, Grimey is the new savior for the offense but the O looked eerily like the 2017 offense. There was dropped balls and other missed assignments. It was my understanding that the new coaching staff would transform the unruly and disinterested team of 2017 into a high stepping, well oiled machine with accountability and responsibility at a very high level. Someone must have put some gravel into the machine last night.

I strongly believe that if the coaches only focus on Tanner as “the only and only” problem with this team, then truly this team will mirror the 2017 team.

The blame game works when: You are better then the other team and you got an entire quarter of 3 and outs! I think Grimes got plenty of blame for not adjusting in the 2nd when Cal stacked the middle or that we let Weaver (1 guy) dominate us.
Not way was Cal better at our house and switching 2 QBs. Sitake mentioned that He was out coached.

It’s easy to stack the middle when your passing game relies on 2 yard passes at best. Also, I still don’t know what happened to Katoa. Why didn’t he play in the 2nd half?

I expected way more from Grimes and Sitake. I was surprised that Mangum wasn’t replaced after the first 3 and out in the 3rd. I was shocked when he wasn’t replaced to start the 4th. But it told me a lot about Grimes and Sitake when Mangum wasn’t benched after the pick he threw on the 15 when we needed a FG to have a chance. All Sitake’s talk about “best 11 play” is confusing to me, because that sequence told me, “we are stubborn and refuse to change, no matter WHAT happens.” That was a true head-scratcher.

I don’t like the blame game, and there is plenty to work on besides the qb, but you hand the qb the keys to drive the bus-so that’s where it starts