The BYU story and why we can't finish games

UP coach rests his studs at the 7 minute mark. Rose does not rest Haws once in the 2nd half. First half, BYU is crisp on defense and attacks the basket often. We get Shaw in foul trouble and they go scoreless for 9 minutes, looks like a blow out but we all knew what would happen in the 2nd half. UP scores 25 in the first half.

Second half we cannot get a call to save our lives, WCC refs, Rose gets a T and they finally blow whistles. But we miss all of our 1 &1s. THey make their run when BYU has 4 guards out there and one big guy. They get the ball inside to a big man, we collapse and they kick out for a 3, BYU over reacts and vacates the middle, UP gets the Offensive board and we foul. Then we take turns missing free throws because our studs are gassed. UP scores 55 points in the second and they do whatever they want to BYU whereas they could not get a open look in the first. Points to one thing…Rose is not resting studs and they get gassed or make stupid mental mistakes because they are tired. That is the sole reason why BYU losses games in the last few minutes.

I am encouraged with Andrus and Neilson but both are far to shinny to body up to anyone their height.

Well thanks for the breakdown. At least you mention the problem with officials, something SG never does. When he mentions officials he always makes excuses for their bias and/or incompetence.

In spite of all that, the bottom line is that BYU just isn’t doing it the right way at this point in the season, etc. It’s interesting that we have been talking about this since the beginning yet there have been no real changes made to the approach. BYU keeps doing the same things and expecting different results. The halftime adjustments or more importantly, the midgame second half adjustments and game preparation just isn’t there.

Really unimpressed with the coaching at BYU right now…

Doing the same ol thing and expecting different results kinda hit the nail on the head. As for WCC reffing…since when has Rose gotten T ed up? Watch the replay and he is heated up when he talks to the offical but in no way was he anywhere near an Isso or Duke coach level.

If it makes you feel any better, I watched the Lobos-Air Force game and the MWC refs were as bad or worse in terms of poor calls.

BYU’s chance of Dancing just went to 5%.