The cancel culture

I think Trump did a good job in office but once it was apparent there was no legal avenue to overturn the election he should have let it go. I think he is a least partly responsible for the loss of the 2 Georgia Senate seats because of his rallies after the election. The house, senate, and presidency are now under Democrat control. Several weeks ago the Republican Party should have focused on the Georgia election. The Democrats were laser focused on it and their candidates were funded by celebrities and rich leftists outside the state and they still barely won the 2 seats. It shouldn’t have happened. A couple of Trump surrogates; attorneys Lin Wood and Sydney Powell were telling people in Georgia several weeks ago not to vote because of the corruption that occurred in the election and that their vote wouldn’t matter. I hope they are happy with the results.

I am very pragmatic. I believe the election was most likely stolen but Trump should have kept a lower profile and let his legal team handle things and then when every door was closed for the good of the country he should have conceded. The party could have focused on keeping the Senate and pushing to ensure legal and secure elections. Now the Republican party is fractured and the US faces the prospect of being a nation under the control of one party and now there is very little chance of any kind of election reform and in fact things in elections may get worse because the narrative has been that claims of voter fraud were bogus. That claim will be view like the boy calling wolf.

Those who committed violent acts should be dealt with harshly just as those involved in the riots in various cities all over the country leading up to the election should have been dealt with harshly. Riots are never acceptable regardless of what the political beliefs are and I think it is possible Antifa may have been behind the riots posing as Trump supporters. I wouldn’t go so far as to say they were but it is possible.

I partly blame Trump for the riots even if Antifa was responsible. He shouldn’t have been encouraging the demonstrations in my opinion. There was a big risk of things turning violent and they did and even if the riots were not his fault the vast majority of the media was going to blame and the majority of US citizens were going to blame him. His rallies should have focused on retaining the Senate and ensuring future legal and secure elections. He was never going to win the PR battle and has come out of this whole thing looking very bad and I am writing this as somebody who strongly supported him over Biden who has plenty of warts of his own but is protected by the vast majority of the media.

I agree with the thing about some got away with things because of who they were. In the long run they don’t. But, it is far different. Take homosexuality as an example. It was not tolerated at BYU in the 70’s nor here in California by the Church. Living out of wedlock was the same. Today, we work with couples to get married and even give them callings. It is different.

I agree with most of what you said. Republicans not voting in Georgia cost us the election. And the repercussions will be great. I expect we will see court packing, taxes go up. Reparations paid to Blacks, Medicare for all and speech and religious freedom canceled more.

I agree with most if not all your comments.
I will also say that what happened in DC has caused me to pause and take a look at myself and how I think and act. What is my behavior and attitudes doing those close to me?

Fear and Anxiety are two of the biggest tools the adversary has to get people to follow the wrong path.
I remember backed in 2008 when Obama was elected, it was said by many conservatives that the country was lost and we would end up socialist when he took office. The far right used fear and Anxiety to fan the flames of hatred and intolerance.

Was it rough? Yes, some of things Obama did made my life harder, but the end of America as we know it never came to pass as predicted, heck, even the Tea Party has lost steam.

Now jump to 2016 and the same thing happened again, although this time it was the democrats far left branch that proclaimed our country was headed to total destruction under Trump. Using the fans of fear and anxiety to promote their cause. To point they tried to impeach him.

Again, Did the world end? NO! was America worse off? I guess that depends on who you ask. For me, my fiscal responsibilities are better, but I will say, Trump has exploded the fear and anxiety or people since the elections were held.

The bottom line is that “Hope” is the only thing that can solve the problems of our country. If people have “hope” then they are willing to go and do the things they need to do to right the ship.

As for me, I develop “Hope” in the fact that I am working more now then ever on my relationship with God and the Savior, as well as my family. I have “hope” that he is in control and knows that it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better, but the Hope is “IT IS going to get better”.

Just some rambling thoughts of an old guy!

I’m not sure if you understand the “Progressive” Movement over the past 100 years. Especially since Saul Alinskly. Hillary was supposed do continue Obama’s fundamental change of America. That was delayed 4 years. And, Trump dismantled Obama’s movement. So, Biden will try to get all that lost time back quickly.

The difficulty is that very few people really know what’s going on, if we did everyone would be truly outraged. Most people believe whoever is aligned with them and what they think they know, which in this case is very few. Having Joe Biden as President, doesn’t really scare me, it’s a lot of the people that voted for him that scares me the most. I see a lot of knuckle-headed Republicans out there, that I’m considering changing my party affiliation to independent. I’m to the point that I don’t even watch the news anymore, I just try and live the principals my parents and church leaders taught me. We have all been warned about what would take place in the latter days, so it shouldn’t be a huge surprise, but I guess the BOM civilizations kept getting surprised also. We live, we die, we just need to do the best we can to live the best we can and importantly, set a good example

I guess it isn’t important to know what is going in the world good and bad. Stick head in the sand and claim we the people aren’t the problem. The crazy people who voted for Biden and the Marxist in Georgia only listen to half the information on any topic. They go to the left wing media and never know the other side of the story. Now, all media including social media giant’s are silencing Trumpmand conservatives. Fascism is alive and well.

It’s when your ignorant and really don’t understand and yet you profess how much you know, now that’s scary

If you disagree with that then you aren’t paying attention to what is going on. You said as much. So why would I care what you say in ignorance?

Just ignore SG hopper with full of his blah blah blah blah blah stuff that he says nonsense stuff

Nothing but the truth. Are you a Rhino or a Democrat?

It’s really no problem-I wasn’t talking about him in the first place and he failed to even grasp that. Everyone has opinions and that’s what makes us who we are. Most of us don’t have the resources to truly know what’s going on behind closed doors, so we simplify things by just doing the best we can, others spew nonsense just for the sake of trying to appear that they know something, when in fact they are as clueless as the next person. Lesson is -just do the best you can with what is given you

Ya think? I am done with Trump. I am done with what he did to all Republicans. Now he is at odds with his very loyal VP. All He did this past week is inflame America, divide, fracture and give fuel to crazy Pelosi. I don’t care who was breaking into our Capital, throw them all in prison, every last one of them. Now some idiots plan on a armed protest in every state? What the hell is wrong with people?
Trump has no legacy or if he does, it is to get everyone to hate each other. I know this, he is taking a awful lot of good people down with him…I NEVER want to see him run again.
Nikki Haley come save this party, Please

Not even Belichick wants anything to do with him, hahahahahahaa
Bill Belichick declines to accept Presidential Medal of Freedom | Fox News
Get him outta here!

You just can’t fix “Stupid”, but you CAN neuter them!

Time to move on and shake off the dust. I’m so tired of these idiots. I’ll get through 4 years of Biden, just like I did Obama and hope to come up with a saner plan in 4 years

The republicans have to regroup and decide who they want to be? I understand the capitalism idea, but to the ordinary American worker right now, all they see is that the GOP leans very heavily towards corporations and not them.

Not saying the perception is right, but I can see why they think that way. The middle class has been screwed by both parties and discounted as “not being important”. That is one reason Trump won the election. It was an edict to the GOP to get their house in order. The people were tired of the empty promises.

Explain what Trump did wrong? He never said to become violent. In fact, several times he said to go to the Capitol and peacefully protest. So, how did he incite violence?

First you are tired of the politicians. Then you are tired of a populist businessman. Do you even know what you want? Shall I go down the list of Trump’s accomplishments again? Starting with the vaccine. No wars started. Peace in the Middle East. Fair trade. Military is strong again. Regulations cut by 2/3. Taxes reduced. Jobs increased. Manufacturing grew. First amendment and 2nd Amendment were strengthened. Illegal immigration has slowed to a crawl. Want more? Oh ya, we really want to go backwards?

And Trump is the first President since Reagan that delivered on his campaign promises. The virus derailed what he had accomplished including bringing the middle class forward ($6,000 more household income in 3 years) while reducing income for the wealthy. Oh ya! The wealth gap shrunk between rich and poor, minorities and whites. Oh ya!

You are right that both parties are becoming bipolar. The Democrats are fighting amongst themselves. So are the Republicans. Maybe we will end up with 4 strong parties.

People also get tired of bad behavior-I know many people who were Trump supporters in 16, that didn’t vote for him in 20, because of his poor behavior. I supported him because I felt he was the best fit for this country, but now I just want him to go away and maybe in 24 we can redraw the lines. I am totally for individual rights, but from here on, I will not respond to rude, obnoxious, intolerant dialogue

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