The Coach on BYUTV said

Rose did not say Hardnett is gone yet. Perhaps too many think they know more than they really do and want the fame of being the beaters of bad news. If and when it is final I’ll stick with my words. Hopefully Hardnett reads them and changes his mind and grows up.

Well at the very minimum, Emery does have some skills so there is some reasoning for Hardnett losing some time to him, but Cannon and Seljaas should never be taking minutes from Jashire.

He is going through a similar, though not as dramatic, situation as Dastrup did last season sitting on the bench and watching Luke Worthington stink it up on the court.

You don’t get it grasshopper, not even a little.

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Instead of proving themselves they quit. It was obvious That Hardnett’s case is different. And, you just will never get this. That’s okay, the game will go on Thursday night. Let’s see if he shows up.

The fact that we are even having this discussion, and wondering whether Hardnett is still on the team or going to play, is an indication that there are problems.

The fact that BYU lost by 20+ to an average St. Mary’s team and Worthington played 20 min. with zero points, Cannon 18 min. with zero points and Seljaas 10 min. with zero points… is a PROBLEM! That is 48 min. and ZERO points.

and Hardnett played all of 5 minutes after scoring 17 two days earlier and hitting important clutch free throws to help beat Pacific.

What is it that you aren’t seeing?

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That’s where you have a disconnect. They had PROVEN themselves in several games. Dastrup proved himself in several games.

You are PROVING yourself to not be very aware of what is going on.

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Dastrup hardly played. What are you talking about? Perhaps SM was just warming up and are now better than average. Time will tell.

Grasshopper - Hardnett is gone. He’s going to transfer to a school closer to home (Mississippi) and petition the NCAA to be able to play a year from now. He had a blow up with Rose during the St Mary’s game. It’s over. Too bad. He was a solid player for us.

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I read the article about his status being uncertain. I think Drew tries to be objective and fair when he writes and I didn’t like the tone of Rose’s comments. I am thinking that Hardnett is not returning to the team.

It’s too bad.

The Emery situation continues to be a distraction, just like many here said it would be. I always felt he should have gone somewhere else to finish out his college career, not BYU. But Rose was dumb enough to bring him back. Will the nepotism and favoritism ever end at this school? Unbelievable sometimes what goes on.

This is college basketball, not a new testament parable grasshopper…

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It’s just another way to say “Business is Business.” I’ve seen it in the Stake and through the members of the Church. If Hardnett came back to Rose and apologized Rose would take him back as well because he’s a follower of Christ. If this is where Emery needs to be and his teammates agree then the parable of the lost sheep is relevant. The Gospel doesn’t end because it’s college basketball or any other business. We don’t know because we have not been part of the conversations. Emery did everything he was commanded to do for his repentance. For the rest of us we are required to forgive all.

So I don’t want to be harsh here but let’s say some loser assaults your daughter. At some point forgiveness is something that you would need to do, right? I mean we are required to forgive all who offend us, right?

Does that mean we need to take the guy into our home, etc.?

Emery has been forgiven, that doesn’t mean he needed to go back on the team. He could have finished his career somewhere else, sort of like Hardnett is being compelled to do… as a direct result of Emery coming back on to the team !!!

You just don’t get it.

Why is Hardnett being compelled to transfer? No he’s not. He’s been playing with Emery for several weeks now. In fact, he’s been practicing for months now with Emery. Hardnett is being a brat throwing a temper tantrum. Compelled. LOL!
Your example is completely ridiculous and is of no comparison to the wrong Emery did. Emery committed no crime. He broke an NCAA rule.
Here’s a better example. Suppose Hardnett breaks a honor code violation and is suspended for a year. Should he be compelled to go to another college or can he come back to BYU after his suspension? Your answer will tell us something about you :slight_smile:

Normally I would be commenting on this subject but you guys are doing a bang up job so carry on. Why would I as a sane man spend one moment responding to a Narcist? Rule #1, Narcist’s know more than anyone else and their opinion is better then anyone else.

If you want the truth about Hardnett, the actual facts about what happened and why Hardnett left the team and now, he is back, then you will have to ask Tom Larimer. If he cares to share.

I would like to know.

I expected a lot better from this team and coach this season.

It just feels like a team in disarray.

Nothing more to say.

I know. Now Jim and you should yield occasionally and accept other’s views and opinions.

So, Hardnett is back? Where have you heard this from? It would be great news! Of course, should he be accepted back? I’m still waiting for Jim’s response :slight_smile

After BYU throttles Portland tonight, you and some of the other delusional fans will claim all is well in the provo bubble and BYU basketball is back on track.

This, of course, is not the case.

I am glad Hardnett is deciding to keep playing but it won’t help the team improve. He is a good player that has done some good for the team and contributes a lot. We have seen several of those kinds of players go through the system and be mishandled. Hardnett is just another in a long line of BYU players that are treated improperly.

I will be glad when Emery and Haws are finally gone. Then maybe BYU can clean things out and start from scratch.

As for a response to grasshopper, the only thing I have to say is that maybe he could use a little introspectioin.

Wow! The glass is half full guy. I have a much better attitude I guess. I think we will see some better efforts tonight. And, some improvements too.
Two improvements we will see is defense and Baxter playing under control making baskets.