The Debate was terrible

Chris Dork Wallace was horrible. The format was terrible. Biden lied through his teeth about everything.

Hurts me to say it but Biden won tonight, not by a whole lot but by enough.

I don’t think so. Biden walked back his support of the far left socialist/Marxist. He lost much of the left. He also lost his cool calling the President a clown and telling him to shut up. Biden doesn’t have the ability to be a leader and deal with Comminist countries.

I didn’t think Trump needed to do as much interrupting to win. He needs to let Biden put his foot in his mouth.

Biden won by a bit and Trump provided enough sound / video bites for the broadcast networks to skewer him over and over and over to 100s of millions of their viewers. I agree Trump should shut up more and finish a few of his points rather than saying phrases and then skipping off to another phrase just to skip ahead to another phrase.

The fake media would do that with anything. And, those that understand the topics know Trump trumped Biden more.
Now, did anyone notice Biden always looking down before speaking and the TV never showed Biden’s left ear? He was being fed the answers.

I watched ten minutes of the debate and turned it off.
I came the to the conclusion this nothing more than “Geriatric Wars”.
I thought Chris Wallace, who I respect a lot because when I watch his program, he does not allow much crap on it. He stands his grounds regardless of which party he is talking too.

Trump was rude, unprofessional and and disrespectful, Biden was more controlled, but his answers left much to be desired.

What this debate proved to me was that our country is in deep doodoo, if these two “old” guys are the best we have to offer.

I read an article yesterday, that kind of resonated with me. In it, it says:
“People who are losing the capacity to feel reverence are in danger of losing a great deal more. As a society we have lost much when it comes to reverence over the last several decades, and especially over the past year. Reverence for life, reverence for others, reverence for principles of justice and equality, reverence for freedom — have all been eroded by erroneous, egocentric thinking and the cancer of contempt.”

Author Jeff Woodward stated, “Without reverence, people do not know how to respect each other or how to respect themselves. Without reverence an army cannot tell the difference between what it is and a gang of bandits. In our technology driven society, reverence has fallen beneath the horizons of our intellectual vision.”

Isn’t that the truth, people has lost the ability to communicate in a respectful way, treat others as equals.

Debates are about style points. Most people who watch this stuff, and are influenced by it, don’t have a clue about issues. Biden fumbled around a bit. Trump needed to make his points more cogently and stop interrupting. He had time to rebut Biden. This wasn’t the disaster for Biden I had hoped for. Debates are about who can swing some of the undecided voters. I don’t think Trump helped himself and I don’t think Biden hurt himself although he didn’t help himself much. I was waiting for a big gaffe and none came out but I only watched about 1/3 of it maybe. I generally don’t watch them because anybody voting on a candidate on the basis of a debate is making a mistake.

I watched the entire debate as a hoot, waiting for Biden to implode but that did not happen (and I doubted it would). I agree with Floyd’s remarks (sorry Floyd) and Aro’s remarks. Don’t think the “debate” swayed many people who were undecided. However, If I had just come to earth 30 seconds before the “debate” and watched it completely, I would be more favorable to Biden’s performance.

I think both of them could have learned a lot if they were taken to the “Wood Shed” more often. :open_mouth:

You are making a judgment on either one and watching only one-tenth of the debate? That’s worse than all those SMU fans that left the 1980 Holiday Bowl 4 minutes left in the game. Biden continually interrupted Trump as much as Trump did. And there is something Biden did a lot that Trump didn’t. Biden was the main name caller. Several times he called Trump a clown and liar and other things.
With that said, I would like to see Trump let Biden answer and simply attack him and let Biden interrupt and name call.

I think there were points that Trump landed. Especially on the Supreme Court and that Biden won’t release his list and that he refused to answer if he’s pack the SC with 15 justices. There were other points as well.

Did you ever wonder why Biden always looked down before answering and often during his answer would look down? Was he reading or was he having his responses read to him and had a receiver in his ear?

I don’t think either one of them came off that well but my vote was decided and a debate won’t sway me. I think Trump’s substance was better. I think Biden had better talking points that may connect with the usual suspects but they were without any specifics. He appeared to lose his train of thought a number to times and fumble a bit but nothing glaring that I thought he might exhibit. We’ll see what the poll numbers say in a day or two.

Mitt Romney clearly beat Obama in the first debate. The 2nd was about a tossup and the 3rd Obama may have won by a hair. We’ll see what happens in the next 2 if they occur.

The bar was set pretty low for BIden. A lot of people thought he would be a flop and he was passable so to a lot of people it may look like a win for him. Debates are all about perceptions and not much about substance. If you go back and watch the Nixon/Kennedy debate on Youtube Nixon appears to have won on substance but Kennedy clearly beat him on style points and the perception is that he won the debate.

I agree with what you say. Also, sometimes what’s better is to hear and see what the candidates say the day or two after debates. Biden just had a speech and then was asked a bunch of softball questions contradicting himself from last night. He said he was for all people on the left, middle and right. But then said he was very progressive. On his website he says the green new deal was the foundation of his Biden Plan. Yet, he says he won’t go along with AOC’s plan. Yet, he now wants the government to take over the energy with electricity and then give the people shares of stock in the government’s energy company. That’s Socialism with a lot of Hitler type Nationalism. How did Solyndra turn out? We’d all lose our value of the shares. Which, by the way, he wants done by 2035 and by raising taxes in the middle working class and corporations. So, the shares become a loss because of taxes and Job loss.
He also refuses to to call out Antifa as a domestic terrorist group. Instead he says they are an idealist people and not violent? I don’t think Trump should be telling the Proud Boys to stand ready but who else will offset and combat Antifa, BLM, and the Communist Democrats? I don’t see any of us or like us combating Antifa and the loony left.

You mean like a “sand bar” level? :open_mouth:

Trump is a bombastic, self absorbed personality. He loves to live in strife (thus all the stupid tweets he does). He like to get into arguments with the media, because it draws people to see what happens next.

He is 70+ years old, but mentally acts like a teenager. Often prone for outburst and yelling fits.

I do not need to watch a debate to see Trump being disrespectful, overbearing and “UN”-presidential to make my decision on who to vote for.

If there was a better choice, I would vote for that choice, I sure as hell would not vote for Biden, but watching Trump makes it harder for me to vote for him.

Because as much as you try to extols his virtues, he is not a fiscally conservative/Moderate when it comes to entitlements.

Once again, you judge on 1/10th of what went on. You missed Biden’s personal attacks and all of Biden’s interruptions and childish behavior and name calling. I’m sure you tuned into the Communist News Network to find out more. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Luckily We did not elect Trump for his mouth or debate style. He is pathetic at speaking, Trump gets things done. Period.

Both guys looked like a bar fight, very unpresidential. I turned it off after Trump missed making any relevant points. I know the Biden game plan so I hardly listening to him stumble his way through. That debate was a TRAINWREAK.

Read this article. I think it is an excellent analysis of the debate no matter what you may think about Newt Gingrich.

He makes some good points about why Trump did what he did. I have seen too many debates where the moderators were obviously in the tank for the Democrat. The worst example was Mitt Romney in the 3rd debate with Obama when he was tagged teamed by Candi Crowley and Barrack Obama. Trump won’t let that happen. He may throw out the rule book but if the moderator won’t let him make his point he will run over them and get it in. He is not your typical politician and he did what he always does and lets the chips fall where they may. I don’t watch debates much anymore. I watched about a third of the debate the other night. I tuned in about 1/2 way and then shut it off for about the last 10 minutes or so but that is first one I have watched in several election cycles. I get frustrated watching liberal media hacks stack the deck against the Republican candidate.

If I were a Republican running for office I would insist on a format akin to the Lincoln/Douglas debates where there were no moderators and only a timekeeper. I would insist on no live audiences so the TV and radio audience can listen to what is said and not be influenced by audience reaction. I would not agree to any town hall formats where the allegedly undecided voters get to ask the questions. I don’t trust the vetting process as to who is allowed to attend those and the ones I have seen seem to be loaded with liberals asking questions about a lot of touchy feely issues that are largely irrelevant to me and what a president’s role should be as defined by the Constitution.

When you understand that over 80% of the media people are Democrats you have to understand that the odds of getting a level playing field in a debate are minimal. You have to understand that the Republican candidate may not be so well served by being a passive gentleman. That said Trump was over the top but that is Trump and unfortunately he won’t change. Chris Wallace, although employed by Fox, is not a conservative and probably should be on CNN.

Actually Trump isn’t a pathetic speaker when he is on the campaign stump. I have heard a few of his speeches. They aren’t the typical polished politician type speeches but they are quite effective and I believe they are largely off the cuff.

Lincoln-Douglas debate was a classic brawl with a large crowd yelling obscenities. It was far worse than this one.

Did you watch Biden answer a question yesterday about the Constitution says Trump can’t nominate a SC Justice during an election. I wonder what article he was referring to. It would be funny if it went so bad that he could become the President.