The "Flips" are piling in

BYU football gets 2 more Virginia flips from twins Dominique, Marcus McKenzie - Deseret News

Sitake, with his new contract and getting his coaches paid now has to live with the reality that there may be too many players wanting to come to BYU and not enough Schoolies.

Then the great and mighty NCAA is looking into BYU’s NIL contract with Built Bar. These parasites never cease to amaze me. We find a way to cover school costs with every single player, including walkon’s and these spineless lizards swoop in. A QB from OSU will become a multi millionaire before he ever takes a snap and they want to investigate BYU for covering student costs? Jim Valvano in his cancer speech, “You got a lotta “Panabla”, Like I care”.

Adding more athleticism to the roster before moving to the Big 12 will be critical to BYU’s eventual success in the conference; adding more speed has been a priority in the 2022 class. The McKenzie twins add just that.

Last Spring, the top three 100 meter sprinters in the state were Cody Hagen (10.52), Dominique Mckenzie (10.60), and Marcus Mckenzie (10.63). All three of those sprinters are also stars on the football field, and all three will sign with BYU on Wednesday. Parker Kingston also finished in the top seven with a time of 10.79. He will sign with BYU as a receiver on Wednesday.
BYU Flips McKenzie Twins From Virginia - Vanquish The Foe

Cody is an all around asset, speed, good hands, and is a football junkie like his friend Zac Wilson. The other thing that impresses me about him is he comes from a good family who does not allow their kids to think too highly of themselves.

Want to see something I have never seen in HS football before?
Check out Marcus McKenzie’s mid air takeaway on a kickoff. He literally got there before the ball did, speed kills baby.
BYU Flips McKenzie Twins From Virginia - Vanquish The Foe

4-Star Guard Collin Chandler Commits to BYU - Vanquish The Foe

All of these guys are serving missions.

Chandler as a 6th grader.
6th Grader Collin Chandler is NASTY - 2016 EBC Utah Camp - Elite Basketball Circuit - Bing video


My friends son goes to Farmington, he says this kid is “unreal” in the talent area.

Are these the guys that Margin Hooks worked with in Texas last year or the year before?

I remember some article about that.

I have a lot of information about those agreements. The NCAA was FURIOUS to find out that Utah did not have a state law prohibiting the way the negotiations were handled and that BYU got the drop on them. Just based on what I know and have gathered over the last 10 or so years, IMHO the NCAA is the most dishonest and hypocritical organization I’ve ever seen.

tlarimer: “IMHO the NCAA is the most dishonest and hypocritical organization I’ve ever seen.”.

Me: no truer words have ever been spoken by anyone.

Read the proclamation on the family the prophets wrote and then take a look at what is going on in our society and around the world.

BYU better get some weight on those 170 pound twins. When BYU gets into the Big 12 they will need to be heavier.

Right on tiarimer and arkiecoug. The NCAA is as bad as Major League Baseball (MLB). Remember how MLB moved the 2021 MLB All Star game from Atlanta to Denver because of the new Georgia voting law. What does baseball have to do with politics and state legislation? The same can be said about a lot of the NCAA actions.

I’m almost positive both McKenzies are “mission first” kids so we may not see them for a couple years. Both are stronger than they look and are very VERY good players. I bet they fill out to 185ish which is plenty for 6’1” burners.