The Good, The Bad, and he Ugly

----------------------Probable Scenario --Best Case seneario-------Worst case scenario

BYU @ Az-----------Lose------------------lose-------------------------lose (-15) +
BYU Vs. Cal---------Lose------------------ Win------------------------ lose (-02) + (if we lose)
BYU @Wisconsin—Lose------------------ lose------------------------ lose (-21) +
BYU Vs. c Neese—Win------------------- Win------------------------ Win (+21) +
BYU @ Wash--------Lose------------------- lose------------------------ lose (-21) +
BYU Vs. Utah St.—Win--------------------Win-------------------------lose (+4) -
BYU Hawaii ---------Win--------------------Win-------------------------Win ((17) +

BYU Vs. Northern Ill.-Lose -----------------Win ------------------------Lose (-2) - (if we win)
The closest game of the season

BYU @ Boise St.-----Lose------------------ Lose-----------------------Lose ( +14) -
BYU @ UMASS-------Win--------------------Win------------------------ Win (7) +
BYU Vs. N. Mex. St.–Win--------------------Win ------------------------Win (8) +
BYU @ Utah-----------Lose-------------------Lose-----------------------Lose (18) +

----------------------5-12 Probable ------7-5 best case --------------4-8 worst case

My prediction is 6-6 season.

That is okay as long as we are learning how to play something close to a P5 schedule.
Next year, it probably won’t be any better with the schedule we will be playing.
The following year, we should start looking at 8-4 seasons or better.
It will be worth the wait and the patience. Go Cougars.

For the most part, I agree, but I still think there is a decent chance that last season was an aberration. My only points of disagreement are as follows:

  1. Probable: Northern Illinois: WIN. I just don’t think a Northern Illinois is going to come in to our place and beat us. Last year, yes. Any other year, we win big. This year will be in between, so we win small.
  2. Best Case: Arizona and Utah: WIN. I realize that the odds are against us in these two games, but I think both of these games are winnable. I don’t think Arizona is that good, and we always play Utah close, and playing them at the end of the season is an advantage, as our winning percentage at the beginning of the season is zero. (BTW, I almost put Boise State on here because I think they are beatable, but I am not quite ready to do that.)
  3. I think Cal at home is a tossup.

So I guess that leaves me with wider window than yours: Best Case 9-3, Probable 7-5, worst 4-8.


I so much want you to be correct on this one and I want just as badly for me to be wrong on this one. But for me, I will be thrilled to see us with a 7-5 season, but more likely a 6-6 season. I just can’t see a possible 8-4 season.

Trying my best to get to a 8-4 season, I would take BYU over Arizona , Cal., Mc Neese St., Utah St., Hawaii, Northern Illinois, UMass, and New Mexico State.

I will put us at a loss vs Wisconsin, Washington, Utah and Boise St.

Go Cougars.