The Lord Works In Mysterious Ways

Without a doubt, our 2020 football schedule before the Pandemic was by far, the toughest schedule in the history of BYU Football. Maybe we were up to the task. Maybe not.

Maybe because of that great schedule, and because of being up to the task, we may have earned a definite New Years Day Bowl. Maybe not. Maybe we, as good as we seem to be now, we may not have been up to such a demanding task with our original schedule.

With our new schedule, we seem to be much better than anyone else that we play, with no P5 teams; no ranked teams; and we do look great. Perhaps we may not have looked so great
with our original schedule. Teams always look great when playing inferior teams.

Perhaps we really do have one of the best teams in BYU History; we really do have one of the top 5 quarter backs in BYU history, we do now have one of the best coaching staff in BYU history.

What ever the reasons are that we have reached #15 in all the polls, I am grateful. I love our Coach. I love what he says, and I love that he refrains from saying those things that should not be said. He is a class act. Perhaps one day, we will have a Salani Sataki Field inside LaVel Edwards Stadium. I love both of these coaches

Let’s just hope that we win the games scheduled and then we can worry about where the team rates as compared to past BYU teams. Win all of the scheduled games and maybe get a New Years Day bowl game and then we should get a game with a highly ranked opponent and then we might know how good this team is. I have hopes that BYU is as good as its ranking. I hope Wilson keeps up his great performance so far. He has all the tools and can make all the throws. I hope he can be as good in a tough tightly contested game as he has been in these blowouts.

At least so far this year BYU is beating who they are supposed to beat. That hasn’t happened enough so far in coach Sitake’s career. BYU has lost too many games they should have won against mid major teams over the previous 4 years. There have been some great wins against some top programs and then some maddening losses. You have to beat nearly everybody you are supposed to beat (there will be an occasional loss to those type of teams but it should be rare) and then win some against the power 5 teams. That is what Lavell did and Bronco also. Whatever fans may think about Bronco he nearly always beat the teams he was supposed to beat.

after yesterday, BYU has some serious work to do if it wants to be included in the top 20 teams, let alone a NY’s day game. The game was shoddy and worthy of a drop in the polls.

We stayed at #15 in the AP and moved up 2 places in the Coaches Poll at #13.


I agree with you. Saturday’s game was a huge drop down for BYU.
#15 ranked BYU, favored by 35 points, struggled to get a win by only
7 points vs an unranked G5 team. That is not good.

What was good, is that the voters saw this game as a fluke and believe
BYU to be a much better team than what they saw vs Texas-San Antonio.

AP brought us up in the polls to #14 and the coaches poll brought us up to 13.
To keep our dreams alive for a New Years Day Bowl, with the schedule that we have, each game must be a blow out with the starters playing all 4 quarters from start to finish.

The games vs Houston and Boise State must be huge wins for us.

The projections are, (even with their lower-ranking), that it will be Boise State that Plays vs USC in the New Years Day bowl, and not us. We must come out as though we are the underdog, which we are, for obtaining that important New Years Bowl game.


Thank you for your reply. I agree with almost everything you said. I wish Bronco well at Virginia. So far, he has done a great job at Virginia.

I believe that finally Sitake is growing into his job, and doing an outstanding job with the way he has done it. No cute slogans; No commercials; No lectures to all the other seasoned coaches in college football; No foot in mouth; Just a great guy that says what he should, refrains from saying what he should not say, gives credit where credit is due; and plays to the athletes strengths; and appreciate all players on the team, stars or not. And now, I thank him for the #14 ranking in the AP polls and the #13 ranking in the Coaches Poll.

Slight correction grass hopper.
We went up in the AP poll from #15 to #14. We went up to #13 in the Coaches poll.

On ESPN, it shows the AP Poll with BYU at #15. Where do you see the AP Poll with BYU at #14?

I am in the minority on this years team. I still don’t think it is too 20 quality. The offense is vastly improved but I think the defense is the beneficiary of a very weak schedule. The problem is 2 fold but the biggest issue is still pass rush! I don’t think we will get pressure on the QB against a decent or good team. The other issue is the secondary. They don’t appear the be well coached and if a good team has time their receivers will get open. Still a defensive coaching issue. If Sitake leaves the defense allone for one week we will fall apart because his buddy and current DC is bad! So I think we will get exposed on defense and Sitake will not put his stamp on the defense … leaving his buddy to do his job, which won’t happen.

in a word, no. BYU will get there just fine even if they squeak by with a one point victory. Blowouts happen early in the year when there is no film to break down. While I agree with you, Ron, on just about everything you always write, I just don’t think that BYU will blow out a great team such as BSU. and thats OK. Just win baby.

It always amazes me how fast BYU fans and their media start to talk about the what if’s and how good they are after just a few wins. It is the nations quickest over confidence university in the country. If our defense doesn’t play completely different then UTSA we will lose to Houston, BSU and SDST. No pass rush and and average secondary coupled with a terrible DC equals losses.

preach baby. BYU is in a dog fight for the rest of the season-every team will play its A game. Tuiaki has the horses up front, just unleash the beast!!!. Mix it up and stop the rush 3 nonsense.

I agree. He won’t beat a good team with rush 3. He is worried about his DB’s in coverage but any good DC knows the answer to suspect coverage is pressure on the QB … except Tui!!

Tui fooie al a rootie, a bing bang, flim flam


I totally agree with you on this one. I really expected us to drop 5-6 points in each poll. Instead Ap raised us from #15 to #14. The coaches poll raised us from #15 to #13.

Sometimes that which seems most obviously right turns out to be wrong.

Thank you for your polite and respectful disagreement, regarding playing, or not not playing, all four quarters from start to finish to get a blow out win on each remaining game in order to get a New Year’s Eve Bowl. I was just repeating what I heard, from an ESPN prognosticator.

I agree with you, and with Bronco, that #1 We are playing kids that do not need to be humiliated. #2, # 3, other reasons.

I also agree with our current coaching staff, and most other coaches from High School up, that if you have a significant lead going into the 4th quarter, this is a Golden Opportunity to give your backups, the real game-time experience that will help them for when they are actually needed to perform.

Sitaki did put in the subs in the 4th quarter during the first 3 games. With a few injuries happening now it’s a good thing he did. Let’s remember too that these kids playing today are mostly Sitaki’s recruits. And, so far, they are paying off.


On this subject, I totally agree with you. Thank you.

“Sitaki did put in the subs in the 4th quarter during the first 3 games. With a few injuries happening now it’s a good thing he did. Let’s remember too that these kids playing today are mostly Sitaki’s recruits. And, so far, they are paying off.”

Any noise on whether Romney will play as he got his ribs reanranged.


“Any noise on whether Romney will play as he got his ribs reanranged.”

I have not heard a word yet. I certainly hope that he #1. will be healed and
#2 that he will be able to play.

This game vs. Houston, Romney will be needed.

The guy who drilled Romney should have been ejected for targeting on that play. The announcers thought it might be targeting. He was ejected later (maybe on the same BYU possession) for targeting another BYU player. I don’t remember who the BYU player was that got targeted the 2nd time. The guy was ejected for targeting in the prior game and sat out the first half of the BYU game. The guy appears to be a dirty player. I have no issue with hard hitting and spirited play but what is going on with the UTSA player is a trend and he is hurting his team and he appears to be a head hunter out to hurt people. I hope Romney is ok. It is one thing to go down on a hard legal hit but it is another thing to get drilled in the rib cage by the crown of the helmut with the guy’s head lowered. When he got ejected he was hot under the collar about it. . I wonder if he was upset with himself or upset with the officials that he got the boot. It looked like he was upset with the officials and one of his teammates was trying to calm him down. I thought UTSA played a good aggressive game and they hit hard and played hard and put everything on the line. That is all good but that one guy was over the line. Another play like that and what happens, is there some kind of NCAA rule that deals with frequent targeting infractions where a player can be suspended for the season?

It was ironic that the guy who was ejected is named Wisdom. He doesn’t seem to have much at least when he puts on the pads to play football.

I was disappointed in the performance but a win is a win is a win and as long as there aren’t anymore letdowns I can live with it. Hopefully it will light a fire under them because there are 3 tough games left. They can probably sleepwalk through the others but it is better to be focused for every game.