The Michigan game

The first half of the Michigan game has been a clinic. harbough has totally outcoached Branco

Well he is a great coach, ours is below average, but at least a good guy

Today is a clear example of why with Bronco and Anae leading the charge, BYU cannot rise above mediocrity. Neither of the two put together a game plan that MIGHT made sense against Harbaugh and his team. On both sides of the ball, this team is 100% clueless. It truly looks like a high school team playing an NFL team.

Sorry this is on big time national TV. This one will take a long, long time to be forgotten and all momentum for recruiting is not only gone but reversed. What a truly sad performance. I feel for the players because the lack of preparation for this game is much more about the coaches than the players (although little good can be said for them also).

I know there are those who say you need to support the team and root for them to the end. I would say that anyone who can sit through this to the end and watch a live massacre is not a fan at all but a sadist. As has become a familiar tune at BYU over the past 10 years “maybe next year”.

Signing off - have a good one.

The good news is that Bronco made half-time adjustments and stopped Michigan.
Just being sarcastic.

I will no longer listen to or read anything about BYU getting into a P5 conference or about getting to a NC game or getting into a high level bowl games. BYU cements their rep as Bo Didley Tech. We know what kind of a PROGRAM we have under Bronco. It is an above average program but NOT great, nor NOT good. We are a good MID-major program.

And for those who opine that our fellas are tired, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Are you talking about their OC too?

BYU was Anaeilated…

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I thought it was hilarious listening to Juergens after the game telling the reporter that BYU made halftime adjustments… but they just couldn’t “execute”. I saw absolutely NO halftime adjusting, except by the defense a bit, to change the way the game was being played. Did anybody tell Anae at halftime that it is okay to use the field between the hash marks? I will ask the same question that we all asked last season… does BYU utilize the tight end position? Do we even have a tight end on the roster? When a defense is playing man coverage on the outside and backing those corners up with a safety on each side, maybe it opens up things in the middle once in awhile and you can try something there.

Yeah, the BYU defense still needs to learn how to tackle and fill the gaps, etc. but the offensive game plan and non existent halftime changes were the worst I have ever seen… in a long time.

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This is on Bronco 100%, even if you think Robery is to blame, Bronco rehired him which is unheard of. Bronco is a nice guy but just isn’t a coach to take this program to the next level. This hurts us in so many ways once again. But hopefully some fans of Indy are finally seeing what many of us have been saying for years, the Indy schedule will never help our program, you can’t play every good team on the road every year. We just don’t have the athletes to have to play everyone on the road.

In 2010 Jaime Hill was fired after we were beat by Utah State in an embarrassing loss. Today was even more embarrassing. I get that we played 3 tough games in a row, but Southern Utah would have scored at least 3 points.

100%? Really? Sure, he needs to shoulder a big part of the responsibility and I agree with you partly. However, if you really believe that you can shift the blame to Bronco because he re-hired Anae and as a result, absolve the OC of any responsibility, then you are more stubborn than I thought.

He had NO game plan and even if he did, where were the adjustments and trying something different when NOTHING he was doing had any resemblance of offense? Geez, even UNLV scored on Michigan. BYU never even got close!

Horrible offensive display… absolutely horrible. At least the crappy defense of the first half played better in the second half. The offense, of which Anae is the coordinator, did nothing… 50 yards passing and 50 yards rushing?

I can understand parts of our game being outplayed but There was not a single part that played well. Our punting was atrocious, kicking it into the endzone on a short punt, anyone can do that. And running it out to the 15 rather than downing it time after time, just terrible.

Our line was pushed back all game and our D line was porous. I cannot remember a game where everyone played poorly. Then to add salt to the wounds, Anae throws in the towel on our last two possessions.

Totally with you Jim. I know yelling at theTV doesn’t help but I said the same things. This was not the same team that played UCLA. That team looked like a contender up until the end. This team looked terrible. It was like they put all their energy into preparing for UCLA but did nothing to get ready for Michigan. Bronco and Anae embarrassed Cougar Nation - badly. I will say though the receivers did look off all day and Tanner was not throwing sharp and accurate passes. I know they were both under duress but they did not look to be very talented yesterday. Hanneman (sp?) seemed to be everywhere but he was gassed. At least he seemed to be giving it all he had.

Props to the Utes. Somehow they always seem to recover, adapt, adjust and find ways to look well coached and talented, even when losing. Yesterday though they layed the wood to Oregon.

You think playing in the MWC or some mid-major conference is better? Let’s remember something here. Before the season began, the hope from everyone in here was to be 2-2 at the end of the first 4 games. We did just that. Had we not collapsed last week we would have been 3-1. Now, what can we do from this point?

From my vantage point “we” were not hoping for a 2 - 2 record. We were HOPING AND WISHING (AND BELIEVING) for a 4 - 0 record. I know that some of us were trying to be realistic and saying we could be 3 - 1 or 2 - 2 or whatever. I am ticked off by the MANNER in which we lost the UCLA game and yesterday’s debacle. This in light of the past 8 or 9 years of being pumped by the FB program leadership of having oh so fabulous seasons ahead. The current leadership CANNOT produce top notch, top tier football teams. My problem is that I have hoped and wished and hoped and believed that Tom and Bronco were correct in their pronouncements that they were just on the verge of achieving - not necessarily national championships - but top drawer bowl games and occasional participation in what is now the playoffs. They CAN NOT deliver. Some of that may be their inability and some (perhaps most) may be the peculiar institution which is BYU. I have really believed in the fantasy - even when I said I was poking a hole in my personal fantasy balloon. But yesterday’s humiliation turned the light bulb on over my head and I had intense insight that my (and I take responsibility for it being my fantasy) fantasy was only mere fiction and I should just stop with that fiction. If the team does not win another game, that is ok. If they win all of the rest of the games, it is ok. I am finally over the fantasy but I am only speaking for myself. Why am I posting this - just the clarity it brings to write it down in black and white.

Like I said, there is no question with regards to your passion for BYU football. That is evident for sure. :wink: