The mighty Pac 12 is stinking it up

Wow! Outside of Utah playing such a weak team in FRESNO STATE, the Pac 12 has put up a goose egg and they were the higher seeded team in each case. Arizona, Cal, Oregon State, USC, and Colorado all with first round loses. Certainly, Utah had no problems with Fresno State, but they would have had more problems with San Diego State, if SDSU hadn’t of stunk it up in Vegas. Go Zags! I would like to see the Pac 12 go 1-6 in the tourney. Am I being mean? No, not with the stuff that we have had to put up with from our Utard friends. Hopefully, we will play well tonight!

7 stinking teams from the pac-12? and grasshopper doesn’t have a problem with it year after year. But there is no conspiracy according to him…

Seriously, you can’t be bothered with it if you don’t think there is any corruption or conspiracy. It is right out in the open for everyone to see and it isn’t going to change.

So do you think Rose is feeding tidbits of scouting information to Few about Utah? With Michigan States’ loss today, it could get real interesting if Gonzaga can shellac Utah. And it will put another nail in the PAC 12 conceited season balloon. Go Zags! And Hawaii beat CAL Sweet!

I was just noticing the same thing! Something is rotten in the selection and seeding process when 5 teams in one conference with favorable seeds fail to come up with wins. I could understand 1, or 2 maybe–but 5? So many more deserving teams were left out because of an overly generous opinion of PAC 12 basketball prowess. I’m with Nurnst. Go Bulldogs!

That said, I’ve still got to cheer for Oregon, being an Oregonian after all…

Oregon is legit. Arizona was too. OSU, USC and Colorado were not. But, it’s all about RPI.

It’s all about RPI. There should be a way to include wins and RPI. But no, no corruption or conspiracy. Just change the rule on how many from one conference can go. And, make the regular season winner as important as the tournament winner.

The P12 played the RPI game really well this year.
They usually don’t have so many tems in the field.

Wasn’t it just three or four years ago they had fewer than the MWC and the same as the WCC…

They got great press this year. Tom Holmoe was the major evaluator of them on the selection committee this year.

Then hopefully Utah loses to the Zags and everybody gets to laugh at the West Coast bias…

The RPI is the corruption… when they move on to some other “selection method” or a different set of parameters, do you think it will favor the P5 teams or not?

How can you be this dense? You just really don’t see what is right in front of you…

a formula is a corruption?

please stop talking about what you have no intent of understanding.

I guess Harold took you to task :smile:

The RPI is not a selection method. The selection method is voting by committee members.
The RPI is a calculation, just like the BPI and the Kenpom effieciency ratings. All three are pure calculations with different inputs.
Each committee member gets to weight the factors, the eye test, the win loss, the rpi, the bpi, the kenpom efficiency, the conference tournament, the conference regular season, the OOC strength of schedule, recent victories or defeats compared to early season victories or defeats, defeats at home defeats on the road, road winning percentage conference strength, the list goes on. Each member is made as aware of as much data, or video as each committee member wants. And then they vote, on each team. Committee members are not allowed to be in the room for the discussion and voting on the members of their own conference.
If you seriously think a conspiracy exists then bother to figure out what the system is so you can speak with a modicum of knowledge about how it might actually work.

And no, I don’t think Tom Holmoe, who sits on the committee right now, believes in the inanity of your conspiracy.

If the result of that “formula” helps certain teams and conferences then yes, it is a corruption. There are other factors that are a part of the selection process correct? It isn’t just straight RPI and nothing else, correct? If they can use the RPI to justify what they are doing then yes, it is corruption.

Who made you the resident expert on all things ncaa tournament? You sound like Grasshopper…

And this is why there should be a limit to the number of teams from a conference. Too many variables choosing. It breeds the corruption you speak of.

Is this an acknowledgement? Are you starting to recognize what some of us are talking about? It isn’t “breeding” it, this is evidence.

Corruption is not conspiracy.

I understand that. Are you willing to say that they are totally unrelated?

The two are so close to each other it’s difficult to tell where one ends and the other begins…

The process is open.
The conferences don’t trust each other. so it has to be open. That you don’t care about the openness and prefer your cloak and dagger…well…

A lot to be happy about today; Michigan St. losing to Middle Tennessee, Stephan F. Austin beating West Virginia decisively, Cal losing to Hawaii. That’s 3 high seeded P5 teams going down. That is something all mid majors can be happy about.

They are that close when you are inside one or the other :slight_smile:

Harold… did you read ARO’s post about everything being out in the open but that fact not changing anything about the corruption involved? So we get to see, front and center, the obvious corruption that gives us the ncaa field we see every year. Is it right? The schools and conferences with all the money and power think so.

It’s not a secret, it’s out in the open. I care but so what, it doesn’t change anything.