The minority point of view

“Keep up the good work, Ron and remember there is a considerable difference between doctrine and policy”

Thank you Sr_Burton.
I appreciate your support, realizing, and accepting that you do not always agree with me…but also accepting that when you do not agree with me, you do it in a logical, intelligent manner and therefore are sometimes able to have me see things in a different light and learn from it. I always appreciate your postings.

“The holder of record is the fund. In addition there were less than 10 total mutual funds in existence in 1956. The only way an investor in mutual funds knows what the fund owns is to look at the top 10 holdings listed in fund literature on a quarterly basis”.


Yes, you are absolutely correct and that is why records even today in 2019 can not identify who owns what in the Coca Cola Company.

The issue is that before 1956 it was taught that Coca Cola was against the word of wisdom. (not debating if this was gospel or not) Only saying that this is what was taught. I personally had to abide by that teaching.

At a General Conference in Bavaria, for LDS Servicemen, and LDS service women, from all over Europe, thousands of us service men and women, spent two weeks at this conference. A general authority, I believe it was Adam S. Benion, (I may be wrong which GA), admitted that the reason Coca Cola Machines was now in all the halls at BYU, is that the Church has recently made an investment in that company.

The thousand of LDS soldiers at that conference in Bavaria came unglued. We were from virtually every state in our USA union. We had all been taught at that time, that Cola, because of the caffeine in it, was bad for us as coffee and tea and should be avoided.

When the GA was asked if he would now drink a Cola, his uncomfortable answer was, "Well, I’m not sure. “I suppose that if I was walking in the middle of a desert, and there was no water, and someone offered me a coke, I might take it” Than he went on to say that coke was never really against the word of wisdom. It was just an overstated opinion.

I was one of the servicemen at that retreat. I was stationed in Hielderburg, Germany, European Area Command with the occupational forces that occupied Germany for the 10 year period following the end of World War 2. Our Branch President was
Full Bird Colonel, W. Legrand Nielson. He was also at this retreat and heard and witnessed all that I am reporting to you now.

"Ron, no coke imbibing has ever been a church doctrine. I have NEVER, EVER been asked in any and all priesthood interviews from deacon alt the way through the Aaronic Priesthood, when I became an Elder, mission interviews, temple marriage interviews, high priest interviews or any other interviews for church callings "

I believe you. It is rare that anyone your age, had not experienced what you say you have never experienced.

The thousands of service men at the said Religious retreat from all over Europe, that had their homes from all over the United States, had all definitely experienced it.-

You are truly an exception and perhaps, one of the lucky ones, or not.

“Ron continues to speak as if he knows that church doctrine was this or that”.


Please read again. I am always very careful to say that, weather something is or is not church doctrine, it is what was taught to us, which sometimes later we are told that it was just somebodies opinion that caught on and was wide spread,

All I can tell you, be it doctrine or not doctrine, I have been taught in different Wards, and in different Stakes, and in 3 different states,
(Los Angeles, Montebello, La Mirada, and Downey, California, and in St George Utah, and Mesa, Arizona in the pre 1956 era, those things which I have experienced, weather or not, any of you under the age of 70 have experienced or heard of them. I am 84
Remember, all of these events of which I speak are pre 1956.

Thank you again Sr_Burton,

You just stated again, that which I have been trying unsuccessfully to say. I do wish that I had your communication skills.

I never challenge anything that I know to be doctrine.
I have been burned for decades at a time, thinking that something was doctrine to find out later, was only policy.

My message, falling on deaf ears on the majority part, but not the minority part, is to be careful when policy does not ring true. If it does not ring true, investigate if the policy is indeed doctrine, which can not be changed, or if it is only policy, that should be changed.

We can be reminded that our BOD’s are infallible in all things doctrine, but they are not infallible in all things that are not doctrine.

While living in Tennessee and Mississippi the majority of my childhood and adolescence, I also lived in Chicago, Salinas, Calif., Mesa, Ariz. and Galveston, Tex. prior to 1956 and Tenn. and Miss. prior to and after 1956 and I never heard of what you say. (My Dad was a wanderer who dragged us to live in many places for a year or two, only to return to Tenn. or Miss. then back to another city and then back “home” again). I have never experienced the 2 things I have countered you about. Also, My mother, a convert to the Church, was EXTREMELY strict about following what was taught by the Church and our family soft drink of choice was Dr. Pepper, with Coke at times.

My difficulty with what you post is that, READING several of your posts, I get the SENSE that you have a serious negative outlook toward the church and project those things in an authoritative manner.

HOWEVER, we are on a BYU FB discussion site and I will, going forward, skip reading your anti-Mormon rhetoric. Moving forward, FB opinions are to what I will give my attention.