The Moby Riot: CSU protested more than BYU in 1970 - 16 Feb


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Too bad the writer of the Moby Gym story wasn’t around in 1970.This story is a perfect example of the ignorance that many people had and many still condone about the LDS Church. I was a student at BYU during those years and these protestors had no idea what the LDS Priesthood was or really meant. Today and back then many of those so-called “protestors” have or had little desire or understanding about what the Priesthood is or was back in those days. The BYU athletes, cheer leaders and others representing BYU were the real victims of the so-called protests in those days. We in the LDS Church know that these so-called “protests” had nothing to do with the 1978 Revelation to President Kimball about the Priesthood. Yet the LDS Church continues to get hate and ignorance thrown at it because people were back in the 1960’s and 1970’s as ignorant about the Church and its beliefs and standards as many are today. Too bad few even gave the LDS Church a chance or tried to learn what the doctrines of the Church were or are today.Yet many of those “protestors” are singled out for awards and given honorable notoriety for attitudes that they condoned or “demonstrated” generally in ignorance about the LDS Church. Too bad that the LDS Church is one of the most discriminated or least understood organization in these United States and in the world.

Unfortunatly protests like these were needed to help motivate some to change. In the end it’s more shameful why such protests were held as a apposed to what happened during the protests.

KC: Typical response that I would expect from you. Why were the so-called “protests” necessary as you say? If these people actually studied the doctrines and documents of the LDS Church in earnest they would learn more about why the situation existed. I do admit that the ugly spectacles that occurred may have led some people to get some interest in the Church and might have eventually led to a small number of conversions to the LDS Church. But my guess is that the violence and stereotyping of the LDS Church in those days and more recently with Prop 8 and women and the Priesthood probably led to more stereotyping and ignorance of LDS doctrine and customs.
Look at the recent PBS, so-called "documentary of the LDS Church and CNN’s terribly distorted reporting of the polygamists with the Salt Lake Temple used as a background picture on television probably did more to enhance the negative stereo typing of the Church and its practices than it did to clarify the current LDS doctrines about polygamy and the Priesthood.

So enlighten me, what would they have found in 1970 when they studied this out? What would they have found out today about it? See the irony in your response?

KC: A committee of University of Arizona students visited the BYU to look into so-called discrimination in the LDS Church. They help a open forum for a give and take with BYU students. I don’t know if they visited LDS high level officials. But their final report stated that BYU and the LDS Chuch discriminated “no more or no less” than any other institution. Today I would suspect that would hammer BYU and the LDS Church as homophobes and an institution and Church that discriminates against women because it does not offer them the Priesthood. Same mantra, 45 years later.The only irony is your holding onto a pseudo intellectual superiority moral philosophy.

So Arizona, the last holdout state to recognize MLK day less than 15 years ago, found in 1970’s that there was nothing wrong with the church excluding blacks from full fellowship, gotcha.

I’ll help you out on what they would find today, the essay from the LDS church on it confirming what many critics of it were dying for years, it was a mistake and not doctrinal.

KC, you are badly mistaken on your assumptions. If you are a member of the LDS Church you do not know what you are talking about or what I stated in my previous posts on this subject. I said a committee of students representing the University of Arizona made the statement or finding. They basically said that BYU and/or the LDS was no more, no less bigoted than any other institution in America at the time. .What does the crack about "the last state to recognize MLK have to do with this issue? They didn’t really understand the Priesthood and what it meant nor were they purporting to be experts on the subject. KC, I don’t have a vendetta over your stands, I just think that your stands do not appear to fit the profile of a member in good standing in the LDS Church with a testimony.If you are an active LDS member then you are entitled to your opinion.