The NBA money machine keeps on rolling

I’ll give you a NBA explanation.

It has never been more rigged and staged in the history of the league. There is no parity. They showcase their superstars. They allow teams to get stacked with those superstars and the officials do everything humanly possible to have the series extended as far as possible.

The same 2 teams 3 years in a row. Lebron James in the finals 7 years in a row. The Cavs coming back from a 3-1 deficit in the finals last season to be the first team in history to do that. The Warriors being the first team to sweep every series into the finals and almost sweep the finals except for the NBA doing everything possible to extend the series. They don’t replay all of the calls because that would make it all too obvious but they do show enough of them to demonstrate that the games are rigged as much as possible.

He is right on the money and what he is saying is absolutely true. I see it with my own eyes, what he says only confirms it. His “betting” on games was nothing more than a conspired effort to get him out because he was too noisy and the league didn’t like the bad press, trying to keep from being exposed.

It’s entertainment and big money. Nothing more…

And where are the faxes, emails, tapes…? :slight_smile:
Nowhere of course.

Irrelevant. It’s like watching a plane fly overhead and asking “where are the cheeseburgers?” It has nothing to do with anything. Not really sure why you are asking the question all the time.

Because your continued no facts rants are the same as the Democrats continued no facts rants about collusion of Trump and Russia.
In a court of law facts are needed (except the 4th and 9th circuit courts). In the court of public opinion group psychosis is all that is needed :nerd_face:

If you see someone run into a bank with a mask on and a gun in their hand and you see them run out with a bag full of money, do you need to have faxes, emails, tapes or whatever to prove it happened?

The NBA is doing the same thing. They are taking people’s money in many different ways (though people choose it) and giving it to their superstar players, the team owners, the overpaid officials who do their bidding, etc. It is a money grubbing business full of overpaid athletes with big ego’s who aren’t really accomplishing anything important in their lives.

Chew on that for awhile…

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I disagree that they aren’t accomplishing anything in their lives. Most of those wealthy players give more to charities in a month than most of us give our entire lives.
Once again, your theory is only your observation of some trumped up assumptions. Mostly because you don’t like something about the game. You are sounding more like those liberals who think There are facts that Trump collusioned with the Russians. :slight_smile:

It isn’t looking good for Mika right now.

I see the Utes have a player that was drafted in the first round.

Also, an unprecedented number of freshmen were drafted in the first round which really helps the NBA with their focus on the importance of education.

Oh… and James Harden may get a contract extension for 4 years and 168 million dollars. That is great to know, especially when there are people in this world that are starving to death.

Way to go humanity… right on track.

When many pro players finish their career then they go broke and no college degree. Sad and stupid!
I wonder what Mika going through and maybe he is thinking Italy league.

Capitalism has helped with poverty better than any other system. Maybe Harden pays tithing to his favorite charities. I’ll say it again, it isn’t my money and I’m not going to covet it for me or anyone else.

Another stupid John Walsh moment.

Mika should fire and sue his agent who probably talked him into this.

Mika never even got a sniff in the draft. He was at the combine… what a waste of time. He wasn’t ready, like so many of the players. I think his age killed his chances. For whatever reason the nba wants the players as young as they can get them. Mostly freshmen drafted proves it.

It’s a cut throat business and nothing more… entertainment.

He obviously did get a sniff. That’s why he entered. But his agent should of had Mika’s best interest and didn’t.
Frank Jackson was drafted.
What isn’t a business of entertainment?

It does look to be that way and what a shame.
If NBA going to take younger players then they should allow those young “Elite” players start right away after H.S. or drop outs . No college needed and Duke doesn’t have to get a “Rent a Player” program.
I can tell that they don’t like LDS players going on a 2 years mission. Remember Shawn Bradley famous “Mission Impossible” by 76ers fans. Jimmer can shoot but they say he was too Slow White Player and don’t play Defense. Jimmer be better off staying over sea or back to CBA.
Anyway, they are taking very few players from college as rent a player and taking more over sea players.
NBA is playing too fast, many selfish players and too much SHOWBIZ. It is becoming like Harlem Globetrotters as not so funny. And they are over paid!
Goodbye Eric Mika and I am sure we will never know “what if” in his head.

Well, Shawn was picked #1 over all with large payday in those days. They took a chance that he would develop and get better. He got worse. Not much work ethic for that $49 million paycheck.

It’s working great right now. We have children that go to bed hungry every night in this country while pro athletes and many others are being paid millions of dollars to do nothing really.

Yeah, capitalism is working great…

Would you like to see socialism and then really see hungry people?
Black youth unemployment has dropped to its lowest point in decades. Black unemployment has significantly dropped too for adults. 2 million more people are employed in the last 11 months since capitalism has been reborn.
Businesses are hiring again and the labor non-participation rate has dropped significantly too.
Incomes are rising and will continue to. Companies are coming back to America after leaving under a socialist agenda of Obama.
Taxes will go down for 90% of the people which will help too. And, the fact is, people are dropping off the food stamp rolls meaning more people are working and kids are eating. Yes, there still is people hungry. Jesus said the poor will always be amongst us. But, the resurgence of capitalism is helping those areas that will help with the poor too. More work more people with money. You really want to go back to Obama’s world?

Of course I don’t…

We will see if everything you are saying is real or not. You think that all of that is happening but what can or do you really believe?

I hope not everything you read or see or hear. A lot of it is just plain baloney.

I’m just stating the facts that are out in the press.
Now, the unemployment rate isn’t the only thing to look at. The labor participation rate is important too. That is getting better. That is the 96 million who dropped off the unemployment records and still weren’t working. When people have no optimism they don’t look for work. Optimism is up now and people on welfare are looking for work.
And, it’s really hard to compare U.S. hunger with 3rd world countries. But, most of those countries are controlled by dictators and socialist governments. China’s economy got better as they added capitalism into their country. Capitalism is about owning your own property.