The playoff vs. the old BCS

How does the 4 playoff teams rate against the old BCS system?

I think we can look at 3 things here with Harmon’s article: The playoff was a resounding success and paves the way to a 8 team playoff, I say, in about 4 years.

The Big 12 has got to pull the trigger before next year. While they can say that they don’t think they were not harmed by not having a championship game, they concede that they have not consulted the other 4 conferences and I can promise the others will look for every advantage to getting in themselves and will not let them off the hook.

BYU benefited to the tune of 300,000 in the new playoff system whereas they got nothing in the old BCS.

I loved the playoff. Most everyone loved it. With the mega hype it gets in the next couple years, I can’t imagine the NCAA turning its collective back on the extra hundreds of millions of dollars that an extra round would generate. Remember when March Madness was 32 teams and some thought expanding it would ruin it? Haha to that.

I like the playoff better… but would like to see more teams involved.

I think 8 team would be good start, but then the best football coach in America (according to KC and Chris) thinks it is stupid idea to go to 8

So how much did Big 5 conference teams get?

my guess is $ 500,000 per school per year and it will only go it.

Floyd, You are confusing two different things. Myers is the best coach in America and who cares what he thinks about expanding the playoffs.

Almost everyone that counts thinks it will expand to 8 teams

The playoff is the only way to run it from here on out. Jump to 6 or even max at 8. No need to make it crazy like basketball, but how nice was it to see someone actually win the title, instead of being awarded the title. I love it, it will only get better and all the more reason for BYU to try and get a seat at this table.

The play off system is the only fair way to determine the National Championship. There are different degrees of fairness.

The four team play off system is a giant step, (4/11) of the way towards being a perfect system. It was a giant success.

Most people now are already calling for an 8 team play off. That will be better. That will be 8/11 of the way towards being a great system

When it finally reaches the 11/11 of the way towards perfection, where the one single #1 team from each conference is included in the play off season. That includes the P5 conferences and each of the 6 Mid Major Conferences.

Independents must be attached to one of the 11 conferences in order to compete against other teams in that conference for a chance at the 11 team play off. Or make an adjustment where the Independents could send their most successful team. (12/12)

Yes, many adjustments must be made. Perhaps only 10 or 11 regular games during the season to allow for the extra play off games. Perhaps the play off’ will take the place of the non significant bowl games that we now have, that are not part of the Big 4 play offs.

Who knows at this point, what other adjustments must be made. Even Urban Myers, with the right adjustments, could be in favor of this. It is no wonder, that without the adjustments, he would be against all the extra games, injuries, and burn out which could otherwise occure.

You are assuming one thing here, Ron…that P5 conferences care about the smaller conferences or that in some way, they want to be fair. The P5s couldnt give a rats___ about non BCS conferences; That is the entire reason why the BCS was formed.

There is no such word as Fair in the $$$machine we call college football.

but with the old format would Oregon have played OSU? No… who knows who it would of been (probably FSU).

You are right that they care about the P5 conference only, but like Ronald said, this is a step in the right direction and the other schools need to start banding together to force an 8 team playoff.

There leverage to force them? how about not allowing their schools to play any P5 school, which would leave the P5 schools playing themselves, which in turns would hurt their win/loss record, which would hurt their chances of going undefeated… so on and so on…


I am sorry to say, that I agree with you on this issue 100%. I am just not willing at this time to lie down and die without a fight,

SEC wants power 5 conference teams to play none only other P5 teams for their non conference games plus ND. That, as you suggest, is to make mid major teams, like BYU, totally non significiant. That is to say, unfortunately for mid major teams, like BYU, to have the majority of their football income from TV rights, washed away, leaving more money for the P5 teams.

When is enough money, and when is enough power, enough for the P5 confereneces? Apparently never. So------If you can’t beat them, join them.

If your approach isn’t working in regards to being accepted into a P5 conference, than change your approach. If you can’t figure out what changes MUST be made, in your approach for acceptance, than step aside and let somebody else run the ship that can figure it out.

BYU Football is too important to let it fall into non significance. That’s my opinion. What is yours?

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Amen, Fish.

What are your answers to the questions, RU?

Thanks for asking.
Since the start of BYU football, the HC has had to be an
LDS coach in good standing and worthy of a Temple Recommend. Up until the end of 2014 season, that has worked well for us.

remember for most of the years until his last contract, LE was receiving something like $85,000 per year while other BCS coaches was earning over a million dollars per year. For that period of time, it worked well for us.

Since the clothes of 2014 season, we have learned,
(TCU/BAYLOR/OHIO STATE)that this is no longer going to work for us.

With the SEC demanding that all P5 teams from all P5 conferences, for their non conference games, play only
other P5 teams, leaving all Mid Major teams as insignificant in the American College Football world.

If we are to survive, we must get into a P5 conference.
We must attract the best coaches in the Nation for that to happen. We can’t do that today with our old way of doing business. Today calls for a new work strategy.

Perhaps the Church membership requirement should be for the AD, a non coaching professional and overseer of the HC.

Perhaps, we should start being competitive with our coach pay

Perhaps our coaches and AD, and all that speaks for BYU Cougar Sports should have an (non Mormon) outside consultant on how to speak to the general public without offending.

Perhaps, we should change our attitude that the P5 needs us because we are the best available Mid Major Team to fill any conference realignment to an attitude of being grateful if given the opportunity and humbly accept the invitation.

Perhaps we need to learn more about flexibility unless of course if entails our strong religious beliefs which should not be compromised.

Do you want me to go on?

Ron: You are definitely a half FULL glass guy. My Optimist. Right ON!

LOL, Ha, ha, ha,
Half FULL glass optimist!!!
LOL Thanks, I think. Not sure, but I think you are being half FULL kind.