The pre season ended, what do we know?

Going 11-3 for the out of conference games, keeping a top 25 ranking for most of it til the wheels fell off with Baxter’s injury. losing our 2 big men leaves BYU in a pickle.

Losing 2 starters is never good, 11-3 is beguiling. I thought we would be ready to take on the WCC, even give Gonzaga a scare, I think the correct term here is “Limping” into league play.
Harmon says it best:
BYU basketball: Are Mark Pope’s pre-WCC dance moves working for Cougs? - Deseret News

We do have a bright spot coming for Hawaii with Foos busting loose for a double double.
I gave up on Lohner becoming the offensive freak he should be.
Praying now for Johnson, Knell and I cringe when I say this, “George” becoming 3 point killers.
Where is Knight’s production? Lucas, we see glimpses but need it every night.

As I posted before the season started, I thought we would be 13-2 coming into league play, just did not evpect loses to UVU or Vandy.

Ahead await Gonzaga, San Fran, SMC and to some extent Santa Clarita.
I had us at 13-2 in the WCC, Looks more like 11-4 or 10-5, we will see.

We really missed Gavin Baxter end it was nice to be 2–0 against pack 12. :slight_smile:
If we had both big guys should go 13–2 with a split to Gonzaga.
Loahner, he has been terrible shooting three-pointers this year so far and he would be better off to shoot short range and taking to the hoop. Great defender and rebounder.

I am glad George is feeling better after he lost 12 pounds when he was sick during UVU Game.

Alex Barcelo was having a difficult time in Hawaii and he needs to get back on track starting tomorrow night game and going forward get better.

Turnovers: six turnovers and no more please!!!

FOOSE: he should start every game from now on don’t we all agree? Which I say yes!

Go Cougars

Did we ever hear what Barcello’s problem was? I say he was I’ll. Game tomorrow night. Maybe we will find out.

Did anybody notice that one Foose had his 13 rebound game, loaners rebound game went down to five a think. If that is a trend then I think boners minutes are in jeopardy. Personally I think it was just one game. Now that the middle seems to be somewhat healthy I have to say that our three-point shooting will determine wins and losses against really good teams

Barcelo was not himself in Hawaii. I wouldn’t read much into it. We really don’t need him for Westminster

I hear several College basketball games are being postponed/canceled. NCAA going to cancel all sports during the winter semester? And no big dance tournament again? Any thoughts?

There will be games cancelled, no doubt but it kind of feels like this Pandemic is winding down from the people’s perspective. Omicron is not the killer the other strains were and we are seeing full stadiums despite all the politics. People just want to move on with their lives.

I really don’t see how any Hs or college kid could not of been exposed to Covid at this point They never masked up and they never quit getting together throughout the Pandemic. Feels 75% a weapon of Libs for election purposes and 25% real as in get your vaccines and be smart. Just my opinion.

Some scientists are saying Omicron poses very little threat and could be a great blessing because it will infect a very large percentage of the population and then herd immunity will be achieved. I heard one scientist remark that lockdowns were exactly the wrong strategy because the spread of Omicron would be a good thing because the vast majority of those who get it will have no symptoms, or mild symptoms and would then have natural immunity.

It is my guess that nearly all of these players being tested are asymptomatic but since schools are probably testing all their players they are finding guys who have it and then they can’t play them even though they aren’t really sick and pose little or no risk to anybody else and then games are cancelled for no good reason. Stop with the stupid testing of those who exhibit no symptoms.

I could be wrong about this but what I have stated is my opinion based on the recent hysteria generated by our government. Nobody should put any trust in the CDC or WHO. Covid has now become a convenient political weapon to control people. I say protect the vulnerable and everybody else live their lives as usual and not the “new normal” that Fauci would like us to adopt.

It’s again a bunch of nonsense. I agree with what you wrote…Fauci belongs in jail with Hillary

Better hope that foos keeps progressing As he has been. I believe that Barcello is wearing down a bit from all the double coverage. Like you said-Lucas needs to be more consistent. Johnson is more consistent than Knell, but I believe Knell is a better pure shooter. Lohner problem is more in his head as far as shooting goes, but he is invaluable as a rebounder. George has a really nice looking shot, but his experience is probably lacking. I’m going to throw this out there for the fun of it-Trey Stewart is the best looking prospect of the players that haven’t played much and I would like to see more of him :wink: What BYU needs to do-win their games in Provo and win the gimme games on the road. Gonzaga is more beatable than they have been in recent years, but still they are going to exploit BYU inside with BYU’s lack of depth. I see BYU with 3 or 4 conference losses-maybe if things go south-5 conference losses, but I see them with a chance to beat the Zags in Provo, which would be huge for their tournament resume. Beyond that, Saint Mary’s and the Dons on the road would be pluses.

Lohner is not going to be the scorer we all hoped he would be. With Foos in the middle, do we really need Lohner when George is a MUCH better shooter and defends just as well? I mean, Between Foos and George, that is by far our best chance to score points and not lose rebounds. Love Johnson and Knells games and what they bring to the table.

Trey Stewart does seem impressive.
However, I would vote for Hunter Erickson.

With the two of them, and for that matter, the rest of the small boys, Pope should be able to focus on rebuilding the bigs numbers in the program.

If Kolby or Wyatt had stayed they would be massive improvements to the strength of the front line this year…next year needs strengthening.

Lohner off the bench will work. Take some pressure off him as well. Some are better 6th men.

Didn’t you just love the dunk by Erickson last night? Awesome-didn’t know he had it in him!

Hopefully George has the confidence to keep it up, but I haven’t given up on Lohner.

Lohner is just a sophomore. I wouldn’t give up on him either. Lots of players got better in scoring their last couple of years.

Tom L and I have been telling anyone listening how good Hunter E. is. I had wondered out loud several times why he could not get traction, he is that good. To that point here is the only reason why Erickson was not getting play time…Defense. Now that he has improved, he is getting minutes, not that it matters, all summer long NBA players and top players from Utah had been getting together to play pickup ball down here at a gym by the point of the Mtn. Childs was there.
BYU basketball: Why Hunter Erickson is digging Utah’s Powder League - Deseret News

Hunter would DOMINATE at times, the players know I thought it would be a matter of time.
You can’t replace Barcello when he leaves but Hunter is the future.

You all remember George getting the stomach flu back when we played UVU, Crieghton? He lost 12 pounds in a week on a frame that had maybe 10 lbs of fat, maybe… It has taken him this long to get healthy again. The only thing holding him back from being a starter is poor shot selection and turnovers from poor passing. 5 of 6 from 3land solves a lot of problems, just sayin.

Lastly, I was talking analytics long before there was such a name out there. Here is a copy of what I thought our pre season lineup would be…

Knight is the guy right now that has regressed in minutes, it has to do with 2 factors: Knell and Goerge or getting more, Knight’s 3 point shooting has been exposed.

Knell since he was inserted in the starting lineup…54% from 3land. Put dat in your book.

so what should our starting 5 look like?

Ok I’ll go Fish-
Barcello is the star-but due to losing Baxter and Harward, Barcello and Lucas are paying the price with constant double teams and Barcello is wearing down
Lucas is very good at creating shots for teammates. But his consistency with his shooting is not what I expected and prone to turnovers at times
Lohner has not developed his shot to this point and that is unexpected as I expected after his first year, we would see a great improvement. His rebounding, however is outstanding.
Gideon George will probably have a future playing professional ball. I say this, not because where he is at, but for his untapped potential. He just gets better as time moves along.
Knell and Johnson are pretty much typical of what we see at BYU. Good shooters, not great athletes, but good athletes and good team players.
Knight-good defender, but offensively, he needs to improve, especially with shot selection, but better offensively than Lohner-should improve consistency by next year.
Atiki will become a force by his Junior year, but very raw right now. Good athletic skills
Erickson and Stewart are the future guards for BYU. I like both of them, but I like Stewart to surpass Erickson in his total game performance.
We just can’t stress enough what the loss of Baxter and Harward meant to this team in so many different ways. If I was Pope, I wouldn’t count on either one of them for the future. BYU really needs to hit the transfer portal for at least two replacements.
Foos is doing a really good job, but he is playing out of position and is still just a freshman. That is not a put down, but he would even be more effective with Baxter or Harward on the same court.
Finally BYU is doing really well for what adversity they have suffered. I don’t expect them to be what most of us expected them to be at the beginning of the year, however, they should be competitive in all their games.
That’s it for today’s Fishing Report

Ever pay attention to Knight’s 3 point shot? All he needs to do is move his back foot up and square to the basket. His chest points way left causing his elbow to fling out. Just saying.

Trey Stewart will start next year unless a great transfer comes in or a 5 star recruit comes to BYU.

Barcello, Lucas, George, Knell, Foos
Knight, Johnson, Lohner, Atiki, Erickson off the bench