The road to March Dancing

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Looking at the season Pomeroy has BYU winning 18-11 in the season.
Comparing to last year, BYU has far fewer Quad 1 games and thus a razor thin margin for losses.
In our pre league season, SDSU was a predicted loss, Craighton and USC are also predicted losses but are at neutral sites unlike SDSU.
Means BYU has to win all others. Missouri St and Utah are two that we need to win. Funny, BYU looks a lot like a Randy Bennett team (SMC) with pretty much all our games at home except for neutral games with Westminster, USC, S Dakota, Nicholis St.
In League, road games are killers.
Pomeroy has BYU losing all 4 games with Gonzaga and SMC.
Road games with San Fran and Santa Clara.

BYU has got to win at home over SMC, and maybe Gonzaga to guarantee a Dance.

Feels like a long shot, huh?

we have no stars. Too bad Lohner cut and ran, would of been close