The schedule that we should aim for between now and 2024

(This schedule is only good going into the 2018 season. Each season for many of these teams will be different rankings, while some will show very little difference year after year. We are looking for the constant rankings year after year. Example: Some years, Florida Gators may go for a National Championship. Another example: (BYU 2016 season // 2017 season)

  1. 123 Kansas -------- Big 12

  2. #112 Oregon ST.------Pac12
  3. #110 Baylor-----------
  4. 108 Illinois ---------

  5. #98 N. Carolina------
  6. #96 Tenn------------
  7. $#94 Rutgers-------
  8. #89 Arkansas------
  9. #85 Nebraska-------
  10. #83 Syracusae
  11. #82 Maryland
  12. #78 Florida

Yes, every year the rankings change. (BYU 2016-2017) but take the year after year expected rankings.

Try to schedule 9-12 P5 teams that are projected to be at the bottom half of the 130 teams and stay away from
all P5 teams that are expected to be at the top half of the 130 teams.

Keep this schedule until we are getting our 8-10 game winning seasons and a greatly improved win/loss column for BYU vs P5 teams. Improve, gradually, our SOS among P5 teams. Set a good record BYU vs P5 teams between now and 2024.

Stay away from the Alabama, Miami, Oklahoma, Clemson Wisonsin, Aurburn, Georgia, Ohio State, type teams, but keep a strong schedule, (9+) of P5 teams.

It’s not the teams above that are important. It is the ranking of these P5 teams that are important. Win the easiest P5 teams we can schedule instead of losing to the strongest P5 teams we can schdule. When we improve, we must improve our SOS,but the improvement must come from P5 teams. We should follow the lead of the Big 10 and never again schedule a FCS team.

There is no shame in losing to a P5 team. The shame comes from losing or playing very poorly those G5 teams ranked in the 100’s.

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I actually like this idea to fill out the schedule. Play 2 Marquee games, plus Utah maybe. Then show that we can beat the bottom half of p5. Great point Ronald! I’d be willing to get creative to do it too.

Thank you Clauswitz.

Most people believe that those that matter, never read our sites, however I disagree. I believe that either they do read our sites or they have someone they trust that reports to them information deemed to be valuable. I say this because I have followed the Desert News, the Provo Hearld The Salt Lake Tribune, and KSL radio and found that within a month of some important issues brought up on this site and other Cougar blogging sites, the news papers are making comments on those very same issues. I believe that when we make intelligent comments that might possible have a positive effect on our team, those comments are heard.

If you think that playing the bottom 9 teams of P5 conferences that are available each season, and stay away from playing any P5 team ranked above 65, than keep this conversation going and our collective conversations will be heard.

Thanks for your reply.

You remind me of a conversation with a comms professor at the university. He noted, incredibly, regular people affect and even lead the conversation. Of course, he hoped to direct those talents to better things…but the point stands.

He gave a strategy for low-follower personalities to affect the conversation:

  1. Write punchy and edit carefully at the sentence level. Poor writing is ignored.
  2. Engage writers with a presence who listen and rebroadcast your ideas.
  3. Consistency is key. Develop Twitter relationships and make their argument for them.

Several writers took up my argument after a twitter conversation or elsewhere. You have me thinking…

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Clausewitz, We are definitely on the same page and each of us have had similar experiences that have had
positive results. You are far more articulate in a positive way than I. I tend to rub people wrong and I realize
that weakness in myself.

I would love to see you take the lead. “Write punchy and edit carefully at the sentence level. Poor writing is ignored.
Engage writers with a presence who listen and rebroadcast your ideas. Consistency is key. Develop Twitter relationships and make their argument for them.”

Promote the idea that we must ASAP start programing 9 P5 teams per season that we actually have a chance to win taking the lowest ranked 9 teams that we can possible schedule and avoid playing any P5 team ranked above 65 unless we must in able to get our 9 P5 teams for the season. We must reverse the trend and start showing a greater per cent of wins and a lesser per cent of losses vs. P5 teams. Later, as we show we can win 8-10 P5 teams at the lower lever, we can inch up to the little bit better P5 teams until such time, between now and 2024, we are actually worthy of being a P5 team.

I will support you, but you need to take the lead on this one. Read my new artice above regarding the leadership making decisions.

Did you have a link? I don’t see it.


"“General Authorities are not Authorities in General” When you need expert advise, you should seek expert opinions”

sign me up on both points. BYU should not be playing NDs and Bamas for the foreseeable future. They never keep their commitments. We should be playing any P12 teams we can, they are overrated and all the Big 12 teams we can, just to punch them in the mouth and all middle of the tier P5 teams and hold their feet to the fire to return at our home, as LSU and Wisc did.

And remember that general authorities are not experts on everything.

Fish, it was BYU that cancelled out on LSU. LSU dd not cancel out on us. I think that was with the Gry Crowton years or very early bonco years. It was at least a decade ago.

Yourr scheduling idea for BYU football sounds good to me. Tat plus going G-5 in the AAC or a new conference that fits closer to BYU standards.

Thanks to txcoug 1492 and to clauswitze for your post.

Just pick the bottom 9 - P5 teams to play each season to build up our (win to loss) column vs P5 teams. We do not need top tier P5 teams for bragging rights. We do not need top bowl games now. We need to show that we can win more P5 teams than we lose to them. Now is not the time to play top 1-2 P5 teams for bragging rights. Slow steady progress in time to meet the 2024 deadline is what we need. Keep up the idea and we will get there. Thanks.