The State of BYU Football sept 18

What a win can do…I don’t think any of us realized just how big the WU win is…I though it was historic and now some say this win is bigger then the #1 Miami win that Detmer pulled off. I suppose that if we take into account that it was at Madison whereas the Miami game was here, then I will listen but to me, the Miami win set us up for a run at the NC game later on.

What this win means and BYU named to the MVP of last week by 3 rankings means that BYU:

1 Recruiting, BYU is now on everyone’s lips

2 ESPN will desperately want us to re-sign and BYU will sign for $illions more, many $$illions.

I still believe we’re going to lose some games this year that make us scratch our heads. I’m savoring the win as much as anyone, but it’s game-by-game (cf. Cal), there is a lot more parity in college football now (anyone can beat anyone on a given day), and teams are also game planning and motivated.

Credit to Tanner where credit is due, but he still was a non-factor passing. We needed a half-back pass to throw downfield! I was stunned at our success running the ball, but we’re going to have some rough rushing games (cf. Cal), and some games where we absolutely have to pass for yardage and move the chains. It’s just the reality, and I’m being realistic.

I agree. We have to be able to pass and our QB has to be able to run better too. I just rewatched the game to see how many passes were actually dropped. I counted “none.” Only two could be considered but the one by Holker was a very difficult catch attempt. The other one was the pass in the end zone when Wisconsin was called for interference. So, that can’t really be considered a drop when interfered with.
However, Tanner threw away passes instead of taking sacks. So, the 12 - 22 isn’t as bad as it sounds. But, 89 yards is.

I did not think this was our biggest win in history and this backs it up

As the season progresses, it will further prove my point