The state of BYU football today

Apparently you work out… I don’t have a tight end, in fact I have no end at all.

It’s a curse… and a blessing. :smile:

I really don’t think that I taught you anything. You have to have
an open mind to learn that which is being taught.


As a jew, you should understand what I am saying in my take on racism. (religion/nationality or both)

Would you rather be given an advantage on your job because you are a Jew, or because you are the best person over
those that you have been given the advantage over.

Would you rather be identified as a good Jewish worker for your firm, or would you rather be identified as a good worker for your firm.

Would you rather be identified as one of three Jewish workers at your firm of 16 employees, or would you rather be identified as one of the 16 employee of your firm.

I was hired by the National Defense Education Act while at the Pasadena Campus of what we now know of as Point Loma University, shortly after the Watts Riots of the middle 1960’s.

Our course os study, was Interaction Analysis and Basic Encounters . The class was by invitation only. The government paid students to attend.

Those invited were the most militant of the Black Panthers and the Bloods. They were the most militant and deadly of the Asian gangs. They were the most militant of the Brown Beret and other Latino gangs. They were the highest up in the KKK,

The purpose was to bring a better understanding of each group and the hatred that comes from each group, and how to cope with each individual differences of each group. One common strand was being singled out as a black instead of just a citizen, or a Mexican American instead of an American, or, or, or.

Of course even more important issues, if indeed more important, was the inequality, the lack of opportunity, the disrespect, the lack of funds and job opportunities, and as a peace treaty, the “Affirmative Action” was formed. Many white people think that the said Affirmative action was a gift given to the Blacks and the time as long passed when the said Affirmative action should come to an end. They just don’t realize that this was not a gift but a peace treaty.
America was on the verge of burning and not just the Watts, Willow Brook, Compton, Long Beach areas.

Many, (most) people do not know, that before the said Peace Treaty, the next area to burn was the nicest or most expensive areas of Pasadena.

Does anyone remember the scriptures that says the streets of Salt Lake City will run with human blood?

I think that all of us need to be more sensitive to ethnic issues.

Roy, and you still don’t. Too bad.